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Marijuana Is A Stick Of Dynamite Between Your Lips!


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NPR still lets people compare marijuana to dynamite on air.http://www.npr.org/2013/11/06/243466218/there-may-be-a-green-light-for-pot-but-not-for-driving-high

"You're talking about a stick of dynamite there essentially, because essentially that person doesn't know how they're gonna react to the marijuana they've smoked, because they've never done it before, because it was illegal before," says Seaburg.

a non-toxic safer-than-water substance that has never killed anyone in the history of mankind vs a deadly, explosive, murderous combination of chemicals. an invention so disasterous for humans that the person who invented it, mr alfred nobel, put the bulk of the proceeds from its creation into a fund to encourage world peace, inventions and discoveries to make the world a better place.but hey NPR, lets just keep that reefer madness going! 70 years of reefer madness! cant stop now! that whacky tobaccey is dynamite! its a killer demon weed! Marijuana makes darkies think they're as good as white men.
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