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Spent The Summer In The Up, Might Go Back Next Year

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greetings MMMA, i figure i would make this formal, seeing as i have been creeping around reading posts and gaining information on growing.


i spent the summer in the UP, it was a great experience, i met some good friends at work and now have life long ties to the UP, and all the duct tape them UPers love so darn much, there is a diffrence between redneck and hicks after all!


i had a good experience in michigan, and am glad i went. i was even happer to blaze the meds.


I'm experienced in the herb growing, i'm no pro by far, just a noob by all means. i have worked in the mycology field for some time now and have experience in that area.


thanks for having me, its good to be here.



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Welcome to our site, or shall I say welcome to you for finaly posting lol!


Im glad you had the experience to work in the u.p and meet some kewl folks at the same time. Ive spent quite alot of time in the u.p and Im hoping one day to move up there for at least 5 or 6 months a yr, and than the rest in a warm state, I love michigan and I dont beleive you can beat our summers, but as I get older the cold winters are starting to get to me in many ways!


I and my lady only need a few things to happen and off we go to where ever we want, our kids need to be self sufficent, our parents need to be self sufficent and the housing market needs to come back,  we need to sell the house we live in and build a smaller one on property I have across the road from my parents who are on the lake, I have a feeling we have around10-15 yrs before our responsibiliys are done,


my idea of a perfect retirement is to get me a garage aminum and a huge 5th wheel with like 5 or 6 slide outs, live in our 5th wheel yr round and make houghton lake area our summer place where we have our garage, (i cant just build a garage on my lot, i hve to build a home first) or I can just build a shell of a home and a nice size garage, than we could actualy stay in our 5th wheel in the drive way w/o a problem



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