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Effects Of Magnolol And Honokiol Derived From Traditional Chinese Herbal Remedies On Gastrointestinal Movement (Honokiol/magnolol)

in vivo

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RESULTS: Magnolol and honokiol significantly inhibited

the contractility of isolated gastric fundus strips of rats

treated with Ach or 5-HT and isolated ileum guinea pigs

treated with Ach or CaCl2, and both of them behaved as

non-competitive muscarinic antagonists. Magnolol and

honokiol inhibited the contraction induced by Ach in Ca2+-

free medium and extracellular Ca2+-dependent contraction

induced by Ach. Each group of magnolol and honokiol

experiments significantly decreased the residual rate of

nuclein in the stomach and increased the intestinal propulsive

ratio in mice.


CONCLUSION: The inhibitory effect of magnolol and

honokiol on contractility of the smooth muscles of isolated

gastric fundus strips of rats and isolated ileum of guinea

pigs is associated with a calcium-antagonistic effect.

Magnolol and honokiol can improve the gastric emptying

of a semi-solid meal and intestinal propulsive activity in





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