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Human Solution Volunteering

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Legalize marijuana in 2014, Volunteer (Jury Nullification)
Fight Prohibition With Your Time

No One Should Go To Jail For a Plant

Tired of police authorities not going after real criminals, make a difference by being hope. We are The Human Solution, an organization started by Joe Grumbine, a father, a son and a husband who was providing for his family when his dispensary was raided.

As a non-profit we support those who have been raided through court support and jury nullification awareness, as well as the support you would get from a family. Giving hope to prisoners and helping that have falling victim to the drug war is perhaps one of the best things we can do. No one should go to jail for a plant.

One of The Human Solutions national coordinators and all around awesome activist needs your help.

Stacey Theis needs assistance as a national coordinator for The Human Solution and owner of the Cannabus, Stacey is one of the hardest working activists fighting prohibition and needs your help. She travels in between Phoenix, Az., Westland, MI., and Frankfort, Ky. and needs assistance admin assistance in her projects that include bus planning, chapter coordinating and creating flyers.

Join The Human Solution, you can be part of something by just being you.

Please contact Stacy at cannasense @ gmail .com

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