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2014. Which Plant Training Modality Yielded More Outdoors?

Different twists for different ladies?  

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  1. 1. 2014 outdoors, which yielded more? Clones main-lined, supercropped, defoliated or natural?

    • main-lined
    • supercropped
    • defoliated natural (natural=no training just leaf stripping)
    • natural

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Blue Dream main-lined, supercropped, defoliated or natural?  I'll know in about 6 weeks.  Meanwhile, take a guess.  By the way, all plants were clones (thanks blucutter).  I'll report on the harvest per-plant-average by the 4 choices when all is dry.


thot for today:  Old Testament scholars recently reported discovering that the sermon on the mount used as a text this quote from genesis:  verily i say unto you on the mold of the earth and on the face of the waters, behold; we are all hybrids, and even the meekest among us shall be made mighty with herb.

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No, none of the 4 training methods I used on these (main-lined, supercropped, defoliated, natural), are simple topping.  Simple topping could be a fifth option.   But you know i'm simple and it was easy to put 24 plants into 6 groups of 4 training methods.  A 6th training method could have been fimming, but it seemed to me that to have a good representative sample i needed 6 plants per method cause 4 would just be too, too subject to chance.  

'Natural' simply means letting the clones grow however they wish.

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thread discontinued due to the loss to rippers of top colas on sept 26.  but it is apparent that defoliation severely cut yield, while main-lining these outdoor clones into 32 colas of the same position on the stem and same height made the heaviest yield by far of the 4 methods tried here.

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