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Vote All Incumbents Out!


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When voting tomorrow vote all incumbents out!  Both parties are destroying this country.  What positive change have we gotten from either party?  This is not an issue of right vs left.  Democrat vs republican.  This is an American issue! 


Did you know our future lies upon these government stooges we will soon elect?  They continue to erode away our personal liberties while they profit off of our misery! 


Get rid of Upton!


Get rid of Proos!


Get rid of Snyder!


Get rid of Schutte! 


Get rid of every other career politician who spend their time stripping our human rights for the corporate lobby!


These politicians are destoying the state of MI, and as you see they won't leave the medical community alone either!  They imprison us daily.  They destroy countless lives with their draconion laws.  The country is messed if you we all don't stand as one against the scamsters in both parties!

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