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Thinking About Heat Outdoors Vs Heat Indoors Vs Plant Health In Each.

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in reviewing notes i made last summer i find that even on the hottest days when i had to take shelter in the shade and give up puttering under the sun, the plants still increased in girth, still maintained good health.  In contrast with notes of previous winter's indoor grow when room temps went into the 90s and increase in size stalled and general health declined.

Maybe, I'm thinking, the soil outdoors never gets into the 90s (i didn't take soil temps) whereas indoors, roots are at ambient temp, maybe stalling the plant.  

My winter indoor hydro did as well as the outdoor plants, despite ambient air temp in 90s.  Course, the rez is set at 61 degrees so the roots are comfortable, even a bit chilly.

Just considering why outdoor cannabis in 90s does so well vs the poor performance indoors in 90s, and wondering if i only hydro indoors at 61 f rez, maybe I can dispense with any AC cost?

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