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9Th Annual Brain Injury Symposium Of Mid-Michigan

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We're sorry, this event is SOLD OUT.



Event Name: 9th Annual Brain Injury Symposium


Description: Hosted by Origami Brain Injury Rehabilitation Center. The topics will include: Hunting and Shooting Safety Following Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI); Concerns, Laws and Rehabilitation; Brain Injury Related Behaviors and Technology; Sports Related Concussions; Clinical and Functional Self-Awareness and the Importance of Intervention Following TBI; and The Therapeutic Benefits and Contraindications of Medical Marijuana and Use with TBI. The focus of each topic will be to enhance the attendees' knowledge of brain injury rehabilitation.


Event Date: 06-04-15

Event Time: 8:00 am-4:30 pm


Location: Eagle Eye Banquet Center

15500 Chandler Rd.

Bath Township, MI 48808


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Details: The purpose of Origami's Brain Injury Symposium is to promote continuous learning of evidence-based and/or cutting edge interventions in the field of brain injury rehabilitation. Proceeds from the Symposium benefit Origami's Unfolding Potential Fund (UPF). The mission of the UPF is to create opportunities for Origami to assist clients through grant and emergency relief requests and to provide Origami the means to expand community awareness and prevention of traumatic brain injuries. Offered for .5 ASHA CEUs


Links: For More Information or to Register




The Brain Injury Symposium will enhance the attendees’ knowledge of brain injury rehabilitation in the areas of personal stories of survival from a brain injury, coping mechanisms, safety concerns pertaining to hunting and shooting, self-awareness interventions, behaviors related to technology, and use of medical marijuana.



At the conclusion of this program, participants will be able to identify…

Personal and professional experiences with brain injury and recovery.

Hunting and shooting safety concerns and rehabilitation approaches post brain injury.

Clinical and functional self-awareness inverventions.

Brain injury related behaviors and strategies pertaining to technology.

Medical marijuana use and its impact on brain injury rehabilitation.


3:15 - 4:25pm The Therapeutic Benefits and Contraindications of Medical Marijuana use

with Traumatic Brain Injury

Michael Andary, MD, MS (Michigan State University College of Osteopathic


Robert Fabiano, PhD (PAR Rehabilitation Services)

Moderated by Bob Hoffman (Wharton Center)




too late to join up for this one i guess. too bad.

if you are interested in TBI and medical marijuana consider contacting those physicians above.

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