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Q&a With The Candidates Rep. In State Legislature, 38Th District


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voter guide when?? anyone know who won the primary in this contest? sorry for late reporting.


Republican ballot:

Kathy Crawford (Incumbent)

Carson Daniel Lauffer


Democratic ballot:

Jason Dorsch

Amy McCusker


Do you think Michigan should join other states such as Colorado and Washington in legalizing small quantities of marijuana for individual use?


Crawford: “I do not support the recreational use of marijuana, however, I do support its use for medical conditions, providing the laws are tightened. The voters passed the Michigan Medical Marihuana Act (MMMA), and we need to follow that law in conjunction with existing federal legislation. I believe Michigan voters want compassionate care, as well as options for those suffering from medical issues. I support prohibiting anyone with felony convictions from working inside or operating dispensaries. I believe in requiring that all potential dispensary employees undergo background checks, and rules governing who gets the medical card should be scrutinized.”


Lauffer: “No, but I will not act upon this conviction. I know, as does Dr. Carson, that marijuana is not good for a person and can lead to other drugs, but people are free to hurt themselves if they wish.”



McCusker: “I think that is up to the voters of Michigan.”

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