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Making America Pain-Free For Plutocrats And Big Pharma, But Not Vets

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Just a taste from the full article, a bad taste!




Pain Relief: With Thanks from Big Pharma

It’s no secret that the VA wasn’t ready for the endless, explosive post-9/11 wars.
Its hospitals were already full of old vets from earlier wars when suddenly there
arrived young men and women with wounds, both physical and mental, the doctors
had never seen before. The VA enlarged its hospitals, recruited new staff, and tried
to catch up, but it’s been running behind ever since.
It’s no wonder veterans’ organizations keep after it (as well they should),
demanding more funding and better service. But they have to be careful what they
focus on. If they leave it at that and overlook what’s really going on — often in plain
sight, however disguised in patriotic verbiage — they can wind up being marched
down a road they didn’t choose that leads to a place they don’t want to be.
Even before the post-9/11 vets came home, a phalanx of drug-making corporations
led by Purdue Pharma had already gone to work on the VA. These Big Pharma
corporations (many of which buy equipment from Koch Membrane Systems) had
developed new pain medications — opioid narcotics like OxyContin (Purdue),
Vicodin, Percocet, Opana (Endo Pharmaceuticals), Duragesic, and Nucynta
(Janssen, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson) — and they spotted a prospective
marketplace. Early in 2001, Purdue developed a plan to spend hundreds of
thousands of dollars targeting the VA. By the end of that year, this country was at
war, and Big Pharma was looking at a gold mine.

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