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Nootropics/ Supplements Anyone?

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I still battle with anxiety since my 2 year struggle with benzodiazipine PAWS, anxiety, and sever muscle tension I never had before being prescribed this poison for 6 years of non-stop tension headaches. The problem, I found out 10 years later, was head forward posture, fixed by stretching and chiro adjustments. unbelievable! Anyhow, I have ordered several types of nootropics, one being L-theanine, which I started this afternoon. I mistakenly took about 400mgs instead of the 200-250 recommended, and I cannot believe how well it made me feel. 3 hours later I followed up with 375mgs of DLPA which seemed to really give me another boost, mood wise. Then I went on my evening constitutional where I vaped about 200mgs of Lemon Skunk in my new DynaVap "M," and I feel considerably better than I have in several days if not weeks.


Just putting this out there to see if anyone else has had any success with these other "legal" drugs. I hope this is more than a placebo effect, as I have been to hell and back a few times in the past decade and I need some other options rather than what the lab coats push.


~ Swamper

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