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Nevada running out of Marijuana


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Story is being reported widely if my link fails ....

Since the State decided to let Liquor Distributers deliver marijuana (seems an odd and deep money motivated choice) they're running out of product. Now the State is searching for alternative suppliers since they see the revenue from taxing marijuana disappearing as fast as the sales. I'm not completely informed on all the parties involved ... but declaring a state of emergency due to a lack of marijuana is pretty funny.

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what happened is nevada made a rule or law (not sure which) saying that they could only sell marijuana from a supply of whatever the dispensaries had on hand at the time. e.g. the medical dispensaries could not purchase or grow more product for the legal market.


the legalization law said the govt could make emergency changes to the legalization law if they found problems and declared it an emergency.


medical dispensaries running out of mj because they sold it all , means patients are also possibly running out of mj. so... they are going to fix the artificial limitations on their legalization scheme in order to supply the demand of legal mj.


what will probably happen is they will make a 1 or 2 year extension to allow medical dispensaries to sell everything they have to the adults, until the legalized dispensaries are in operation. which is what they did in colo or wash, i cant remember now.


this is the difference between nevada and michigan. michigan created laws to legalize medical dispensaries but ignored the current dispensaries operating in the state. while nevada , instead of waiting for legalized dispensaries to build, apply, get licensed, and wait 4 months for the mj to grow, decided to allow its medical dispensaries to sell to all adults.


its a pretty sad backwards conservative ongoing hell in michigan, full of lobbyists and prohibitionists.


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