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Experienced Reliable Caregiver Accepting 1 New Patient (Gaylord, Grayling, Rose City, Mio)


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Experienced Caregiver accepting 1 reliable patient for a lasting relationship. I am reliable and trustworthy, and expect you to be as well, you wont be dissapointed. If you are not willing to sign on as a patient please do not waste your time and mine, I am 100% legal. Gaylord, Grayling, Rose City, Mio areas

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 i have been trying to reach you but i aint real good with a computer so i didnt know if you ever got my message?  i live in st. helen a small town by west branch.  i stopped using med mj in 16 and my new dr. thinks it might be good for me to go back.  i have sent my paperwork and check in a bout 2 weeks ago.  just waiting for my card.  i have end stage cancer, deader than george washington.  but, life goes on and keep a keep a good thought.   i enjoy the consentrates but grew up with flower.  i am 58, worked all my life just an east going guy.  on ssi and ssd with a small pension, i have a small house in st. helen and most people know me, been here a long time.  i have many ffriends in med mj and i am looking for a care giver somewhere near that may have something there that we dont have or know about it, spreading out sort of.  I am ok  right now in life and everything i need.  just looking.  sorry about the spelling went to school up north.  like to get together with you and talk.  Dave. 

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