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New patient SW Mi SJ/BH area seeking caregiver for RSO


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I await receipt of my card (it's been 3 weeks since mailing the document to the state). In the meantime I called dispensaries around SW Michigan inquiring about availability of Rick Simpson Oil. At this point I'm thinking that I would be better off having a caregiver that personally grows and makes it.

Is there an experienced RSO maker serving the St.Joseph Benton Harbor area with an opening for a new cancer patient ?



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I have 2 openings. We produce several types of concentrates for patients. We are organic growers with a 9 year history located in the Three Oaks area in Southwest Michigan.

If you are interested, I can provide more information upon your request.

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Thank you Artisan,

I like that you are organic. I definitely would like to know more.

I'm assuming I need to wait for my card before we get too deep into details.

Questions/Things i care about:

- I'm only interested in whole plant products.

- What stains are available?

- What kind of solvent do you use?

- Do you avoid using plastic or other potentially bad materials during the oil making process?

- Prices

Feel free to PM me.


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I make oil with alcohol.

I make tincture with organic coconut oil.

I make dab from Butane with a 72 hour vacuum purge.

I do not use any plastic in any of the processes. Just silicone containers for storage.

Please define whole plant products further for me. But I use either trim or flower per the patients request since there is a price choice.


As far as a card goes, you are on paper with the state. That makes you qualified. Your hard card will be coming to you shortly. So we can begin the process of discovery between us legally. Please feel free to discuss...............


Current strains that I have available now…

Alaskan Thunder F**k
Sour Diesel

UK Cheese compressed Kief

Strains to be harvested in the months to come…

Gorilla Glue #4 ( original cut)
Bubba Kush  (Pre-98)
Blue Dream
Pineapple Express
Sour Diesel
New York City Diesel


Girl Power     11% CBD   %5 THC  (October harvest)

I don’t make hash anymore, I just make high quality Kief.

I also make a wax product called Pull and Snap. A very stable and handleable Dab product.


Bud $200 donation per ounce.
Kief $20 per gram Min. 2 grams
Pull and Snap $25 per gram Min. 2 grams

Specific flower/trim concentrate (oil or tincture) prices are by request, based on quantity.


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Regarding my whole plant comment, I don't know much about cannabis concentrates so I'll compare to other herbal extracts. I can buy an alcohol or glycerin tincture that is made from leaves or flowers or roots--whatever. I can also buy an herbal product that contains extracted and concentrated active ingredients--a particular chemical in the plant that is known to cause certain effects. In the case of liquor, it's the alcohol in the mash that is extracted/concentrated by distilling... So in the case of cannabis, the Rick Simpson oil is from the plant. It's not an extraction of one of the forms of THC or CBD.  Does that make sense?

I don't know what these dabs and resins are... 

I know what tinctures are, but I don't know the difference (percentage-wise) between oils and tinctures.

In short, I'd say I'm looking for oils, and to a lesser extent, bud.

My purpose is to follow the Simpson protocol for cancer treatment. I am not using for pain or nausea, etc. 





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I think that we should discuss your exact needs on the phone. I can answer all of your questions thoroughly about the right product that will work for you. If I can't help with your needs, I'm sure that I know another competent provider that I can recommend to get what you need. I am here to help in any way.


(No personal contact info in open forums contact poster via private message per forum rules)

I will be available to talk tomorrow morning. i will be in Chicago till noon EST

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