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Cannabis and autism: An informal update 2019

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I have now had the privilege to treat over 500 autistic kids with medical cannabis in Israel. This report is meant to support this treatment by documenting a more extensive experience than the original 100 cases I reported on a year and a half ago.

The results continue to be rather consistent. As I reported earlier, about 60% of children respond well to an oil that is 20:1:: CBD:THC. Another 15-20% need a higher proportion of THC, often more THC than CBD. The last 20% or so remain somewhat enigmatic; at times a change of strains makes a big difference, sometimes we admit have to admit treatment failure.


I try to make the treatment as systematic as possible, despite our ignorance regarding more of the compounds in the cannabis plants we use. I try to get an optimal effect of the appropriate oil (60% of the time the CBD rich oil, 20% of the time the THC rich oil) in the morning dose by increasing by a drop every few days until increase yields no improvement. Then I try to “fine tune” the CBD:THC ration with the other oil in the same way until optimal effect is reached. Then I see how long the dose lasts and add one or more additional doses during the day until a good result over the entire day and good sleep is achieved. This trial and error takes about a month.

Full article: https://blogs.timesofisrael.com/cannabis-and-autism-an-informal-update-2019/

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