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Benefits of using pure cannabis capsules vs. smoking cannabis


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Benefits of using pure cannabis capsules vs. smoking cannabis


I am a 100% disabled veteran, ex-manufacturing engineer and Respiratory Therapist. I grow Marijuana for my PTSD and chronic pain, due to severe cervical spine damage that occurred on May 8th, 1989. I was 21 years old stationed aboard the USS Tripoli out of San Diego, CA, sailing to British Columbia, Canada, to practice war games. Along the way, we stopped at the Alameda Naval Station in Alameda, CA, where I was assaulted by four other sailor members of another US Naval ship that was docked next to us. This resulted in severe damage to my cervical spine from C1-T4, the nerves in the right side of my face are dead specifically, the fifth cranial nerve, and experience other medical issues related to the assault. Since then, I was on opioids, muscle relaxants, and other medications to help with my PTSD after the attack. I was taking over 600 pills a month to control the pain and other issues from the assault.


In September of 2016, while doing a patient transport as a respiratory therapist, the injuries I received in the military, were exacerbated and because I have a permanent lifting restriction of no more than 5lbs., that was established through a functional capacity exam, that deemed me “Not Suitable for Competitive Employment”, I was no longer able to work.

Two months later in December 2016, I started the Minnesota Medical Cannabis program and it helped me immensely. I was able to quit taking opioids, muscle relaxants and other medications that were affecting my body including, my digestive system and respiratory system and I lost 115lbs. My body started to function properly again and was no longer being affected by the negative side effects of pharmaceuticals. From December 2016 to present day, I have been using medical cannabis and no longer use any pharmaceuticals to control my pain and medical issues. 


In September 2017, I moved to the upper peninsula in Michigan due to the cost of medicating in Minnesota. It was approximately $2,000 a month to medicate and I was not allowed to grow my own cannabis in Minnesota. By moving to Michigan, I cut my cost for treatment to approximately $350 a month and was able to grow up to 12 plants organically with an average harvest of 10 to 12oz per plant. In that same month, I started growing and looking into decarboxylation and developed a full spectrum vacuum-sealed decarboxylation process that takes 36hrs and increased the potency of all cannabinoids up to 52% without destroying the cannabis and the beneficial cannabinoids and makes the cannabinoids more readily available for absorption through the digestive system.


Up until April 9th, 2021, I was smoking anywhere from 7 grams minimum to 12 grams per day of decarboxylated cannabis to control my chronic pain, PTSD, and other medical issues. Smoking cannabis was helping to control my medical issues but not to its fullest extent because of the amount of waste from smoking/exhaling beneficial cannabinoids that could be used in the body for treatment of my condition. While this was helping, it was also creating new medical issues because, of the amount needed to smoke to control the medical issues I experience. Smoking cannabis was harming my lungs, sinuses, throat, mouth, gums, discoloring my teeth and ophthalmic issues were becoming increasingly worse due to the flame from the lighter. So, I decided to decarboxylate enough cannabis to make 100, 500mg pure cannabis pills that contain approximately 250mg THC and other beneficial cannabinoids in each pill. Once I started taking these pills, I have not smoked cannabis and have only had to use 2 grams (4,500mg pills) a day since the 9th of April, to treat my medical conditions compared to the 7 to 12 grams I was smoking a day. I feel 100% better taking these capsules instead of smoking and I am receiving the full medical benefits of the cannabis in each dose

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