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New Medical Cannabis Legislation In Mi?

I'm not an attorney or a legislative genius but do we really need to re-invent the legislative wheel to protect patients in MI? Karen O'Keefe, the chief architect of the MMMAct, has defined the legislative evolution of Rhode Island, a medical cannabis 'precursor state' to MI with almost identical initial legislation.   Two years after their initial legislation, Rhode Island passed legislative amendments which: 1) offer protection for patient to patient transfers 2) allow patients and

Bob Heflin

Bob Heflin


In the battle for implementation of the MMMAct, I disagree with those who say that Judge O'Connell's rantings are irrelevant. Schuette, Judge O'Connell, Sheriff Bouchard, PA Cooper, and the Municipal League are all using the same talking points. Editors and journalists are spreading these 'blowback arguments' in the mainstream press. The major issue being discussed is the confusion about what is allowed by the MMMAct. In an attempt to 'clarify' the law, the public is being told that it nee

Bob Heflin

Bob Heflin

Tc Compassion Club Meets Tonight

The Traverse City Compassion Club will hold private certified patient meetings twice per week at Crema, a coffee shop in downtown Traverse City, 300 Front St, from 6pm-9pm on Monday's and Thursdays. Our meetings are composed of, by, and for certified patients as outlined in the TC Medical Marijuana Ordinance. All patients must remain in strict compliance with the limits established by the MMMAct.   Blurb from a review of Crema:   "Crema is the coolest coffee place in downtown TC. It t

Bob Heflin

Bob Heflin



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