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You've Asked For It!

Ms Chocolate


After reading the Senate bill 660, I have to ask: "Isn't this what was asked for?" When the cry went out to tax and regulate marijuana, is this not what was wanted?


Keep in mind that we live in a country that is for the people, by the people. A country where businesses and corporations are people. A country where lawmakers perform in ways directed by the people who control their incomes. I doubt that there are no many who will not suggest that our lawmakers are indeed receiving funding from corporate people.


For years corporations have spent millions of dollars developing marijuana based medications. I speak not of "government created" fake or fake cannabis, but drugs created with real, growth from the ground cannabis. These drugs have been manufactured and until recently, tested in other countries. Now that GW Pharmacy is being tested in the U.S., you best believe that there was already something in the pipeline to change the federal schedule of drugs and medications.


I see SB660 as Michigan's response to the drug manufacturers request. After all, is Michigan not home to a number of them. Isn't this state the only, or just one of a few, who will not allow its citizens to sue said manufactures for fault? If the state is wrong in its giving support to these manufacturers, did its lawmakers just pass law making it harder to sue the state?


With the passing of this bill, patients will be able to visit their local licensed store and purchase up to two ounces of Schedule II level, pure, germ-free, clean, environmentally-controlled marijuana. I imagine that the offerings will come in a host of forms. There will be the pre-rolled, the vapeable, food-stuff, and the topicals. All the patient needs is doctor's approval and the soon to be created "enhanced pharmacy- grade" marihuana card. I bet it will be possible to receive Plan D coverage for its purchase.


This bill even includes noticed that it will run with our Michigan Medical Marijuana Act of 2008 (MMMA), not against or instead of it. As patients and/or their caregivers we will still be able to grow and use our Schedule I, home grown cannabis. With a paid doctor's approval AND a paid traceable MMMA card; we can still smoke, vaporize, eat, and rub on cannabis to relive our pains and ailments. That is, if we have the money, because Plan D won't help.


Since a patient can only have one of the two cards, my guess is that the hope is for those with serious medical issues and no money will choose the "pharmacy-grade card. Knowing that many patients may be willing to make this jump, I see the number of plants allowed per patients reduced to no more than six. This bill is written to benefit corporation type people, no real people; therefor it will happen. What is not clear or certain is what will happen to the real people once the corpora dust has died.


Legalized, taxed, and regulated cannabis is what people have been asking for, and darn-it, it's what's the people will get! Oh yeah, G W Pharmaceuticals is expecting FDA approval of Sativex within the next few weeks.



NOTE: There are some things in this bill that are not clear

What is CANNABIS? This word is defined nowhere in state law.

Is the pharmacy-grade card used in place of a script?

Does the card record purchases?

Will there be a cost/price for the card?

Is there a wait period other than for clearance?

As this bill moves from the Senate to the House, I hope its Swiss cheese type holes are filled!



BTW - find and read the 11/18/13 issue of The Nation

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Recommended Comments

In creating the PUBLIC HEALTH CODE (EXCERPT) Act 368 of 1978, lawmakers decided; (3) “Marihuana” means all parts of the plant Canabis sativa L., growing or not; the seeds thereof; the resin extracted from any part of the plant; and every compound, manufacture, salt, derivative, mixture, or preparation of the plant or its seeds or resin. It does not include the mature stalks of the plant, fiber produced from the stalks, oil or cake made from the seeds of the plant, any other compound, manufacture, salt, derivative, mixture, or preparation of the mature stalks, except the resin extracted therefrom, fiber, oil or cake, or the sterilized seed of the plant which is incapable of germination.


This same Act also said in 333.7335 Marihuana controlled substances therapeutic research program; establishment and administration; participation; limitations; certification; approving use of marihuana obtained from law enforcement agencies; condition; standards of purity and dosage; testing.

Sec. 7335 - (1) There shall be established in the department a marihuana controlled substances therapeutic research program. The administration of the program shall conform with pertinent rules and regulations of the drug enforcement agency, food and drug administration, and the national institute on drug abuse relative to the use of marihuana for therapeutic purposes.


(2) Participation in the marihuana controlled substances therapeutic research program shall be limited to cancer chemotherapy patients and glaucoma patients who are certified to the department by a physician as being involved in a life-threatening or sense-threatening situation, and who is not responding to conventional medical treatment or when conventional medical treatment administered has proven to be effective, but the patient has incurred severe side effects. A physician who certifies a patient for participation in the marihuana controlled substances research program shall be a physician as defined in section 17001 or 17501 and shall be certified by the department.


(3) Notwithstanding subsection (2), the department may include any other disease groups for participation in the marihuana controlled substances therapeutic research program for which the department has obtained an investigational new drug permit from the food and drug administration.


(4) If federal sources do not provide supplies of marihuana adequate for patient use pursuant to this section and section 7336, the department shall approve the use of marihuana obtained from law enforcement agencies in this state, until adequate marihuana is received from federal sources. Any marihuana obtained from law enforcement agencies in this state shall be tested for purity and dosage by the department or a laboratory designated by the department. Any marihuana distributed pursuant to this section and section 7336 shall meet standards of purity and dosage as determined by the department.




333.7336 Patient qualification review board; reimbursement; certification of designated pharmacies for participation in marihuana distribution; contract with national institute on drug abuse for receipt of marihuana; transfer of marihuana to certified pharmacy for distribution to patient; prescription; annual report; sections inapplicable after November 1, 1987.


Sec. 7336 - (1) If necessary in order to meet federal requirements, the director may appoint a patient qualification review board to serve at the director's pleasure.


(2) Members of the board may be reimbursed for their attendance at meetings at a rate established pursuant to section 1216.


(3) The Michigan board of pharmacy shall certify to the department designated pharmacies licensed under part 177 for participation regarding the distribution of marihuana pursuant to section 7335 and this section. The designated pharmacies shall be representative of the most extensive geographical location area of this state as the Michigan boardof pharmacy determines is feasible.


(4) The department shall apply to contract with the national institute on drug abuse for receipt of marihuana pursuant to regulations promulgated by the national institute on drug abuse, the food and drug administration, and the drug enforcement agency, and pursuant to section 7335 and this section.


(5) The department shall cause the marihuana to be used by a patient in the marihuana controlled substances therapeutic research program to be transferred to a certified pharmacy for distribution to the certified patient upon the written prescription of the certified physician pursuant to section 7335 and this section. The marihuana distributed under section 7335 and this section shall be distributed at cost.


(6) The department, in conjunction with the patient qualification review board, if appointed, annually shall report its findings and recommendations to the governor and the legislature, regarding the effectiveness of the marihuana controlled substances therapeutic research program.


(7) This section and sections 7212(2), 7214(e), and 7335 shall not apply after November 1, 1987.



SB-660 is basically a recreation of the above. Like the above, SB-660 is being written pro-actively. What I see as a MAJOR difference is that SB-660 uses the word “CANNABIS”. In this writing, I included how the state defines marihuana, but I could find NO definition for what cannabis is in the state of Michigan.


Just wondering - would the “farmers markets” fall here? http://www.legislature.mi.gov/(S(noickozmprrazyrzs0fnzx55))/mileg.aspx?page=getobject&objectname=mcl-691-1604&query=on&highlight=marihuana AND marijuana

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