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Decriminalization, Legalization On Michigan Ballots In 2014

Michael Komorn


At least eight cities and possibly a dozen more are presenting local initiatives aimed at legalizing or decriminalizing possession, use or transfer of small amounts of marijuana on private property by persons 21 or older.

Similar proposals have been on the local ballot in eight other cities thus far with everyone of them passing.




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It would only be a win win for Michigan. The tax revenues the state could bring in would be magnificent. Unfortunately so many people are uneducated and choose to stay that way d/t all the bad publicity from pharmaceuticals. Surveys have already concluded the majority of people feel marijuana is safe.

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Can the 3MA post the necessary instructions/documents needed to begin this action in our local communities? 


With the guidance of the 3MA, the potential to make this snowball is certainly a possibility.


Although short, sweet and to the point, thank you for allowing me to express my ideas.


Herb Cannabis

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This can't be on a Michigan statewide referendum soon enough. This plant needs to be completely legal in all respects just like carrots and peas. Some will disagree but consider the overall harmlessness of the marijuana plant. You can eat too many carrots and get a condition called Jaundice where your skin actually turns kind of yellow. We don't have draconian laws and classification of Schedule 1 on carrots which seems to be more dangerous than marijuana.. 

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This would be a big win for everyone.  I can't believe that it is taking them so long to realize that legalization is a win win for everyone, the consumer, the grower, the state.  Wake up lawmakers, and stop dragging your feet.

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