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Medical Marijuana Bust



Both of my sons and one sons fiancé had medical marijuana growing in a secured locked facility as stated in the law. Each had their medical cards. One son had sent to the state for the other one to be his caregiver. The law states locked secured facility. No where in the law does it state they have to be separate rooms. There were two locks on the building and it was posted with a warning sign and copy of one son's card and paperwork sent to the state to become patient. Cops came, walked right into the house without a warrant or permission, seized an heirloom shotgun and said he was going to be charged with felony firearms. Said he was over the limit (34) plants for 3 people. They would not listen there were 3 people and where the paperwork was located. They confiscated the medical cards of son and fiancé. They them took baseball bat and smashed everything, tore down walls, cut every cord there was. They had gone to the house next door and found nothing, smelled marijuana and with hands on guns at almost all the time, intimidated son and fiancé. They made my son leave his two little boys (3 & 6) on the next street over then when they got to come home, they were kept away from the parents for quite a while, while these renegade cops acted like bad asses and destroyed every plant. This happened two weeks ago and apparently it has been happening quite a bit but without the damage. According to the law and not what AG Schutte says, boys were legal, cops were not. Any opinions?


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WOW !  We  are so sorry  to read your story has anyone seen this post yet ?


Sure sounds like all where legal and now you must get this story out to all you know and ask here for some help their are lots of people here that can and do help


just look at our name you can read about our case right here good luck and don't give up without a fight

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Spoke with an attorney and he feels we have a great case.  Problem is it costs so much to file charges.  There are others waiting for the right case to come along to fight these renegade cops and this is the one, but it takes money.


Another issue that has come up.  Feb. 24 I sent the paperwork to the state for my husband to get his medical card.  It was denied because the doctor forgot to put his phone number on the form.  I got a new physician form, completed new application that came off of the state's site, sent it in, it again was denied because it was the "old" form.  I sent in a third set of documents and just today received another denial because I had put SR. on the application and that does not appear on my husbands license. This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard of.  Dealing with the state of Michigan is awful.  My husband has bone marrow cancer and mitochondrial myopathy (a muscle disease).  He has to take all kinds of prescription medicines and we are hoping some form of marijuana may be able to take the place of some of these drugs and stop destroying other organs.  Guess the state is paid off by the drug companies.

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"The law states locked secured facility. No where in the law does it state they have to be separate rooms."  This ruling found on the link below addresses cooperative grows. It is not currently legal.  http://www.mlive.com/news/index.ssf/2012/12/michigan_supreme_court_rejects.html



Besically every person must have their own locked room that only they have access to. You can have a building with 10 rooms with 10 separate locks, and 10 growers all tending to their numbers allowed by caregiver and patient cards, as long as no other person has access to them. Co-mingling multiple grower's plants is NOT permitted.

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I understand the law says locked secured facility.  However, it is only the opinion  of AG Bill Schuette that each patients plants must be kept separate.  His opinion is not law, but is left up to the judge to determine.  Each judge interprets the law their own way.  What Bill Schuette says is that we can't determine what the voters meant and wanted when they voted in the medical marijuana law.  So he is doing that for us.  Determining what we wanted when we voted because he is against medical marijuana.  We need to be sure to NOT vote for him in the next election

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I spoke with a leading medical marijuana attorney. Her advise was that each a patient has to have seperate rooms. Only caregivers are allowed to grow mutiple patient plants in the same room or facility. The law states that a patient is allowed to grow 12 plants in a separate locked secured facility. Therefore it is illegal to grow multiple patient plants in the same room even when the patients reside in the same home or co-owners of property. Her advise was for one of the patients to become a caregivers for the others living in the same home. 

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Update of the raid on my son from June of 2014.  The prosecutor offered to drop all charges.  However, the head of mantis (state police drug force in Monroe) is pissed at me because I told him my son did not get a receipt for the shotgun they took from the house.  He said he did not appreciate me accusing his men of stealing.  I said I did not accuse the of that, however, I was told that even if a coffee cup is taken, a receipt is to be given.  When he found out about the offer to drop all charges, he threw a fit and the prosecutor wanted all charges back on.  Finally, it was settled my son would accept a possession charge but is not pleading guilty to that because he has his legal card.  He stood mute.  Sentencing is coming at the end of the month.   I was just told he has one hell of a lawsuit he could file and win against mantis if he wants to go with it.

I hope things will change for the better soon.  We have a terrible heroin problem, but the raids and arrests are on legal marijuana people.  Our resources are being used inappropriately.


Does anyone know of a really powerful attorney that takes cases like this on a percentage basis?  It was an attorney that said he has a great case but not to get one in our hometown, but someone from Ann Arbor or someone like Feiger.

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