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Rapes and Marijuana, What is more important to the Michigan Attorney General ?

Michael Komorn


Pat Miles, Dana Nessel and Unions.

Michigan Democratic Party members will be voting and nominating their pick for the Attorney General in the April nomination convention.

A few weeks before the convention, the Union Auto Workers endorsed Pat Miles. This is strange, because Pat Miles has a history of working at anti-union law firms.







It is clear that Pat Miles works for a law firm that brags and specializes in busting unions and stopping employees from unionizing. 
When challenged on this, Pat Miles denied everything.



"I don't support anti-union work and would never do it.



Pat Miles flip flops depending on who he is talking to. Not only has Miles changed his opinion on marijuana legalization, but he also states that his federal prosecution of Michigan Medical Marihuana Patients was correct. Miles’ comments about people hallucinating from Marijuana and his comments on adults eating gummy bear ears should tell everyone that he is the wrong choice.



As U.S. Attorney I believed in and followed the Obama Administration’s directive not to prosecute medical marijuana cases unless people were out of compliance with state law or there were other drugs involved. 



If this new proposal passes, I will ensure the law is faithfully implemented, while protecting consumers and children. Even if the ballot measure doesn’t pass, I will never do what Bill Schuette has done on medical marijuana, as he's sought to undermine the law at every turn. I will refocus precious resources and energy where they should be, on protecting the people of Michigan from real threats to public health.
It's time to change how our state deals with problems related to all drugs.  As U.S. Attorney, I focused our resources on large-scale drug trafficking organizations as well as those who used violence pushing the drugs, and I also encouraged employers to hire returning citizens.  A drug felony should not be a lifetime ban on employment, and the best way to prevent someone whose been convicted for drugs from re-offending is to make sure they receive necessary treatment and have job opportunities.


Try to read all of that together. On the one hand, pat said he prosecuted medical marijuana patients, but then paradoxically, says he focused resources on “large-scale drug trafficking organizations as well as those who used violence”. Which is it, Pat?

What will he do as Michigan’s Attorney General? Focus on large scale drug traffickers or go after more medical marijuana patients?
Michigan needs an attorney general that supports reform for Marihuana. Miles position before his flip flop sounded exactly like Bill Schuette, and his actions were the exact same as Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette when he prosecuted medical marijuana patients who were out of compliance. 

Miles flopped on the issue because, like our current AG Bill Schuette, Pat Miles will say anything to win. Bill Schuette destroyed the MMMA - arrest for marijuana are up 14 percent. Forfeiture proceeds were 15 million dollars last year in Michigan; not one dollar was spent on training Law Enforcement about Medical Marihuana.


http://www.usccr.gov/pubs/Michigan Civil Forfeiture Report_2016.pdf

The MSP-FSD Michigan State Police Forensic Science Division spends 40% of its budget and time testing Marihuana for criminal cases. There is nothing to wonder about why the rape test kits go untested. 
Pat Miles has never addressed this issue. This issue does not exist to him, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he is oblivious to these statistics.


Direct Sources : 

Dana Nessel however is fully aware of these tragedies and speaks about protecting these victims often. Dana Nessel has answers on how to change the priority of the Attorney Generals’ office to solve rape crimes before nonviolent drug crimes. If one asked Miles this question, he would lock up like he did when asked the simple question of if he voted for the MMMA in 2008.
While some think that the AG race is about ending Marihuana prohibition, a good argument can be made that it is about focusing resources and the budget on protecting rape victims and prosecuting rapists. These are the things that Dana Nessel addresses when she speaks, not the REEFER MADNESS of medical marijuana gummy bear ears.

The AG position is about leadership, and representation of and for the People of the State of Michigan. Most significantly it is about enforcing the law as written and with the true intent of the law to be enforced. Trusting a flip flopper to do this is a bad idea. Dana Nessel is the only candidate that has earned the nomination.



Recommended Comments

Dana Nessel wins Democratic Party endorsement for Michigan Attorney General!



She overcame a nearly unified group of organized labor, led by the United Auto Workers, that had endorsed former U.S. Attorney for the Western District of Michigan Pat Miles of Grand Rapids.

But Nessel had forged a coalition of progressive activists, marijuana supporters and Democrats energized to join the party after the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States in 2016.


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