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Highlighter by Bloom Farms



This one is just exciting to look at!

Highlighter was a project taken on by a San Fransisco based agency named Pavement.

The overall goal was to completely change the game in the medical/rec industries, and have certainly set a new bar for packaging and presentation quality in the industry.

If the goal is to make the product feel like a special treasure to be kept forever, they've certainly achieved it IMO!


Check out the article by Theresa Christine Johnson. Addresses some of the new trends in the industry, and highlights some of the problems with the old approaches that were, and still are all to common.




Recommended Comments

Looks like false advertising to me. I like it that they used natural terpenes from the same plant the oil came from. I know that they must have added something to make it vaporize in that pen. Something that you don't want in your body. After looking at three different links to the product and the product selling page, no where do they disclose the additive. They make it seem that it's 100 % cannabis. Should be sued for that. 

You can't legitimize a false product with fancy packaging. 

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