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It Is Time To Stop Treating Medical Marijuana Patients Differently - A Bill Of Rights For Patients

Michael Komorn



Though Michigan’s medical marijuana law has now been on the books for a full calendar year, there is still much to be accomplished in terms of ensuring the process works more smoothly and the law does what it was intended to do: protect those using medical marijuana.


I continue to see patients and caregivers wrongly raided and charged with various crimes and, in turn, denied access to the medicine they are legally allowed to have. I have successfully defended many of these individuals including in Three Rivers in western Michigan and Hazel Park in metro Detroit. Charges were dismissed, begging such questions as: ‘Why were charges brought in the first place?” and “Why do we continue to put law-abiding citizens who are suffering through even more hardship?”


Moving forward, I see two primary areas for improvement and development: First, an expedited application and approval process. Patients and caregivers want to be in compliance with the law, but they may wait up to 3 months or more to get their registration card after receiving state approval. The law is clear that patients, 20 days after submitting their application, are well within their rights to use medical marijuana, even without the official card. The patient’s paperwork and cancelled check act as the registration card.


Secondly, I would like to see the creation of a patients’ Bill of Rights. It’s time to stop treating medical marijuana patients differently than other solely because of their choice of medication. Similar to the Constitutional Bill of Rights, it would outline basic fundamental rights that medical marijuana patients and caregivers deserve.


Among the focal points I would like to see covered in these rights include:


- Obtaining medication in a safe and controlled environment (Not a Burger King, McDonald’s, Subway parking lot)

- Reasonable access to medication (Patients are currently at the mercy of a caregiver’s schedule)

- Every patient should have access to the best medication that treats their medical disease or condition. No patient should be subject to arrest for procuring medicine from other registered caregivers or patients.

- Accuracy and control of medication (safe, trusted medicine)

- Respect and non-discrimination

- Confidentiality of health information, upholding HIPPA laws


Each right would give patients the ability to safely and reliably obtain and use a legally-approved medicine, the same rights afforded to those taking prescription medication.


An interesting thought along those lines. Remove the term “marijuana” and the above rights already exist for every other medication on the market today.


What would you include in a patients’ Bill of Rights? What’s important to you in your use of medical marijuana? Please help me in formulating a medical marijuana bill of rights for patients and caregivers in Michigan.




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For me this post cuts to the chase...

Who amoung us will stand up for our rights?

We need a Leader in this Medical Marijuana Culture War.

We are on the Frontier and need a well prepared experienced explorer/warrior to move foward.

In my forty years in the Marijuana Culture I have met only a handful of Marijuana Warriors.

Michael is one of those, a Medical Marijuana Warrior Lawyer

Everthing I have seen of Michael Komorn with the Marijuana Culture can be described as

"The Gold Standard"


Ron Klug

Head Wrangler

Marijuana Ranch

Detroit/West Branch


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Counselor Komorn,


Green Cross Compassion Club is a Lansing-based nonprofit with statewide membership and service offerings including medicine delivery and physicians who make housecalls to sign patient application recommendations.


Green Cross supports your efforts to protect and expand patient, caregiver, and compassion club rights. Patients have medical needs and legal rights. Michigan residents have the right to public safety. As a nation of laws, America protects the rights of individuals including a Michigan registered patient enjoying their right to medicate with marijuana.


May I add one suggestion: work to improve communication between patients, caregivers, and the State MMMP on the topic of when a patient changes or cancels their caregiver. For example, when a patient designates a caregiver to grow medicine the caregiver typically performs horticulture tasks such as putting plants in the ground. The caregiver may possess 12 plants per registered patient. However, if the patient changes or cancels their designated caregiver but does not inform him or her then that caregiver is no longer permitted to possess the 12 plants --and often does not ever learn of the status change. That may leave caregivers in possession of illegal plants and not knowing it. This seems a glaring legal exposure putting caregivers at unnecessary risk, a situation clearly in need of resolution. Let us create a channel wherein a caregiver may contact the MMMP via mail, email, phone, fax, and secure Internet access -to confirm how many patients are officially registered to that caregiver-.


We welcome response and would be happy to lead this effort, being Green Cross is based in Lansing and has retail space on Michigan Avenue within sight of the State Capital. Readers and Counselor Komorn, feel free to contact me at Info@GreenCrossMI.com with your input. This improvement will aid all caregivers which in turn supports thousands of patients whom they serve.


Kind regards,



Executive Director, Green Cross Compassion Club

2019 E. Michigan Avenue

Lansing, MI 48912




Green Cross. Peace Love Medicine.

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