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Michigan Senators Version Of Sb99 Falls Short For States Medical Marijuana Patients



This week a Michigan Senate passed re write amending past legislation (SB99) failed to fully take into consideration the practical needs of Medical Cannabis patients in Michigan within the passed Senate version .Senator Bert Johnson (D) was a lone undecided vote otherwise our Senate voted 37-0 .


Since their re - writing this bill you would think now is the time to make it correct for the current medicinal cannabis patient situation that did not exist when the original was written . . Qualified patients with a recommendation should be exempt and marihuana weight limits should be clarified not to be counted at over the actual cannabis product added to the mixture in it's concentrated form absent non cannabis based ingredient's . The Federal law ( Supreme Court ruling ) will still read different but this will help put Michigan ahead of the curve . It will protect State patients using med-ables from harm from a possible interpretation saying their non compliant at the State level on weight limits and the DEA has noted it will use discretion when arresting patients in compliance with State law in direct conflict with Federal .


We can no longer rely on all State Officials using proper discretion before violating then vacating all the acts protections for patients honest application of their needs in real world practice while implementing and interpreting the Act . This needs to be written and clarified into law . Patients cannot stand the stress of arrest nor defend themselves easily or in a affordable manner using the available Administrative Defense which would clog up courts at a great cost to the taxpayer .


Please politely and succinctly contact your Michigan State House of Representative and the Governors Office ,as well as , explain to your State Senator your disappointment and make your needs known if you agree . . Protect med-able use .






http://www.michigan....49747--,00.html Remember be polite and succinct :-)








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It has been stated there is no worry because the act protects individuals and nobody would consider the weight of a delivery agent to be included within the MMMActs weight limits per voter intent . The concern on weight came up in my mind because of a audience member who stated they were a local DEA Agent at the Wayne State law symposium whom referenced a Federal Supreme Court Decision which determined the whole mixture would be considered a drug as fact to the audience in statements and questions to the legal panel . If I remember the decision was actually based on crack cocaine but the agent stated it was the same principle and they would follow through in a like manner . The lawyers present did not disagree just listened .


In the Federal Supreme Court case they found the other ingredients were part of a prepared drug though not cocaine ( baking soda ) .. Let us hope they substantiate a dissimilar determination in regards to our Act at the State Level for patient med-ables and that any ingredients other then cannabis are merely a delivery agent and not to be included in weight . I and fellow patients have much concern especially for the person here in Michigan who has been charged by the weight of a butter cake containing Cannabis . When I discussed this with a anti Cannabis individual they stated they would argue since the substances can no longer be separated they were one in the same . I have no doubt since it has already come up clarification is warranted with express language - intent won't stop arrest . I don't like to feel this way and do not wish to inhibit their use out of fear and I am sure that a reasonable person who approved the law did not intend a delivery agent to be counted as weight ..but look at what is happening out there . If a person is arrested in this manner just once it is too often as sick , injured and impoverished as many patients are - thus all to willing to accept pleas to felonies unable or unwilling to afford defense . I guess it all pivots around education and bringing down the barriers of discrimination and moral objection surrounding medicinal cannabis use more then anything else . I stand by my call for clarification as a improvement to SB99 for patient safety since it is currently being re written . Am I wrong ?

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I AM concerned also. I would like written that MM mixtures be excluded. I should have the final draft of my letter concerning this bill ready shortly.

If I had been pulled over the other day for some reason and a search ensued. I would have had 9oz with me if

the full weight were to be considered. Brownies containing a mere .02 gr. usable mm. A 6 oz. drink w/ 2ml.


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