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Lots Of Complaining, No Real Solutions: Time To Re-Frame The Dialog



Hello everyone in this great and ever growing community of individuals fighting to establish sensible medical marijuana law in this great state! I have not posted in a long time and was disappointed to return to the blog portion of this sight and still see a lot of non-sense and simple questions being posted to the blog. Those questions are best kept in the forum where they belong. The blog area should be exclusively for the presentation of useful information or fruitful discussion on topics that matter. I think that WE are our biggest enemy in our fight for medical cannabis. The dialog I see on this site is for the most part a joke and it's why people don't take us seriously as a community of individuals. This assessment does not apply to all, there is a ton of great discussion and helpful information being shared. This site represents the start, at least the discussion is taking place. I feel we need to guide the discussion and focus our efforts on what actually matters, what we can actually have an impact on in the real world, not just on the pages of these forums and blogs. It's in the nature of Michiganders to be very weary of authority and governmental interference in our lives. That attitude can only cary you so far, AS WE HAVE TO WORK WITHIN THE CONFINES OF THE EXISTING SYSTEM TO get the much needed changes implemented in our medical marijuana laws. Demanding our rights as patients and fighting for them is necessary but it should not be the focus as it earns us the label of 'activist' or 'radical' in the eyes of the average person in this state that has all kinds of incorrect ideas and assumptions about medical marijuana. Arguing for our law from only our point of view as patients and caregivers will get us no where. We need to start discussion showing why people who are not involved in this industry have a lot to benefit from having a thriving medical marijuana industry in Michigan. Striking down the myths associated with medical cannabis and showing the benefits that the medical marijuana industry can bring to this great state is how we are going to convince individuals who have the power to enact change. Lets face it, we all agree that what has been going on in this state in regards to violations of our rights as patients and caregivers is wrong, way wrong. We are not the ones who need convincing however. Until we change the focus of our efforts, we are fighting and ever steeping uphill battle. I will be posting a ton of good content that will hopefully fuel they types of discussion that will lead to positive and substantive change in our states laws and attitudes towards medical cannabis. Good luck to all those who are experiencing this fight on a personal level, only through the correct and focused effort will proper justice prevail.




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You have a few major barriers . First those with most clout in the political system have no knowledge on the subject of Medicinal Cannabis so far as to be discriminatory and many don't believe it exists . The same exists with most Doctors who want total control and see this as a threat because patients can handle Medicinal Cannabis themselves it is so safe . To make things even more confusing is medicine is a practice and many of the policies excepted in use today don't work or are extremely dangerous but you can't change the world and tell them its not flat . Patients have little influence on the direction of medicine . I have had Doctors tell me how a pill makes me feel or the result of a surgery - thats bad . Our health care system is broken between managed care , 40% of money going to paperwork to decipher between competitive insurance plans ect . This issue literly opens up a can of worms pivoting on issues we haven't been able to solve but have been making worse allowing for corrupt special interests to influence and create regulation . It is very rare for change to come from the people and work up . I wish I knew how to change the populus veiw of this as a moral issue that is the struggle to end discrimination bring down barriers and begin research and healing . Good luck will look forward to reading you veiws .


Ps sorry about spelling the spell checker is not in the comment section nor is the magnifier . You can also not write here and copy then paste into your own . With my disabilllity I forget this all the time ( it just changed a while back but for the better ) and am not able to re-write . Believe me people have valid complaints very often its just they cant get them out to be heard with proper language modue to illness and suffering in many cases . Some are disabled or ill with no effect on mind and body others are not . I really look forward to read your thoughts . I mean that . Most the sick can't get out their needs or even understand them alone anymore . For sure those at the top can't even relate to most these issues without help either and the good truely inclusive and caring ones want input badly .

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"Arguing for our law from only our point of view as patients and caregivers will get us no where. We need to start discussion showing why people who are not involved in this industry have a lot to benefit from having a thriving medical marijuana industry in Michigan."


From the patients perspective is probably the most effective. Could it be that compassion might be enough, with no profit motive? Why does it have to be an industry? I don't think the voters voted for an industry when they passed the Act.


An industry benefit argument is more akin to a legalization argument.

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"An industry benefit argument is more akin to a legalization argument."


It's my opinion that MM is an industry like it or not. Marketing, info publications, media, web sites, lawyers, doctors, growing equipment, nutrients... etc, all contribute to the cause. It is about legalization- the freedom to use natural medicine and the natural benefits (fiber, oil, food....)of the universally beneficial plant.


I think we are doing a disservice to the public by separating MM from the "hemp" movement(industry). It is like separating the auto industry from tire manufacturing. It's a symbiotic relationship. The medicinal benefits behind the MM movement are in direct relationship with the industrial benefits of hemp because they all work together to benefit the planet and the people.


I believe that if all the efforts relating to promoting the benefits- financial and health related, that mm and hemp(industries) have in common a greater force could be channeled in a more productive direction.

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I do not mean to come across as rude, but your statement literally proved the point I was trying to get across with this entry. It is very unfortunate that compassion is not enough, but in the world I live in it is not enough. Counter to your statement about why people voted for this bill, I do believe that people went into the voting booths to vote in favor of the MMA because they thought they would be able to make money from medical marijuana. People voted in favor of this law for many reasons. The point is that there are a multitude of special interest groups that all have different goals and motivations regarding medical marijuana, both for and against. Patients and members of the medical marijuana industry are only two among many. If we are truly going to promote positive and substantive change in our states very broken medical marijuana law we must put an end once and for all of a narrow minded activist approach to the existing status quo. They are not listening, and one thing that always makes anyone listen is money. This is the fact of life in this country whether you like it or not. The greed associated with the medical marijuana industry in Michigan is appalling, but it can only be expected from a community that has been suffering from the hardships of a recession for so long. People in this state are dying for a chance to make a living, promoting this industry can give them that opportunity. I am advocating anything but the most sensible approach that I see to help push this movement to the next level. Everyone who opposes our movement and anyone who has the power to change existing legislation needs to be educated on the the economic benefits of medical marijuana. This is one approach of many that will help to further our cause.




I could not agree with you more. To me, legalization of industrial hemp production will go a long way to revitalizing the Michigan economy and even the entire United States economy. I also believe it to be more politically viable to pass legislation legalizing hemp production. As an agriculturally based economy, the State of Michigan is already well suited to capitalize if hemp production can be legalized. Support for HB 6480 and HB 6479 can help this to become a reality. Writing to the chair of the Committee on Agriculture Rep. Huckleberry asking him to hold hearings on these important pieces of legislation is the first step. I also believe that there is HR 314, an industrial hemp resolution. Writing Rep. Jones, Chair of the Committee on Commerce and asking him to also hold hearings is another step.


Dr. Bob,


Thanks for the kind words.


Keep writing and discussing, it is the only way ideas can transform into action and results.



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