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Lots Of Complaining, No Real Solutions: Time To Re-Frame The Dialog

Hello everyone in this great and ever growing community of individuals fighting to establish sensible medical marijuana law in this great state! I have not posted in a long time and was disappointed to return to the blog portion of this sight and still see a lot of non-sense and simple questions being posted to the blog. Those questions are best kept in the forum where they belong. The blog area should be exclusively for the presentation of useful information or fruitful discussion on topics



Good Luck To Everyone Attending The Rally!

Just wanted to wish everyone good luck and say a few words for those attending the rally tomorrow. If you are on this site at all you have seen the posts on appropriate conduct. I want to re-iterate the importance that patients should NOT medicate in public during this protest. I feel as strongly as anyone about these gross and disturbing violations of civil liberties and patients rights under the MMA. The fact remains that we as a medical marihuana community are the ones who have to convinc



Legitimize The Movement; Promote Responsible Use!

I'm new to this online community! There seems to be tons of great conversations and information exchange going on here at MMMA 2.0. I'm going to begin writing a series of posts that will provide free high quality information, especially strand reviews. I have been fortunate enough to come across some of the best Marihuana not only in Michigan but some of the best in the entire world. Our great big mitten of a state will be the next "California" of medical marihuana. I'm looking forward to pl





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