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Cannabis Coalition Unifies State In Opposition To House Bills

Michael Komorn


Cannabis Coalition Unifies State In Opposition To House Bills




For additional information please contact: Attorney Michael Komorn 248 357-2550


Cannabis Coalition Unifies State In Opposition To House Bills


Participants, patients argue current bills contain unacceptable compromises reached for the wrong reasons


Cannabis law reform activists have formed a coalition to articulate their response to the proposed House Bills regulating the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act (MMMA). The current content contained in the bills is unacceptable; despite the best efforts of House Representatives and interested parties the bills contain new penalties, not protections, for patients. Protectors of the MMMA, cannabis legalization supporters, civil rights advocate sand supportive groups have signed onto the Notice in a show of unified strength. Special interest groups have altered the character of the proposed bills into a package of problems for patients. The signatories contained in this document speak for the 200,000 + MMMA registrants, the unregistered supporters, the families of the ill: we are mighty, we are not to be ignored,and we will remember. The Release attachment contains this text and the list of signers.


Notice to Michigan House of Representative Members: 4/16/2012


We the undersigned in unity OPPOSE HB 4834 and officially request a No vote from you, our Representatives, on the proposed bill, to avoid the nullifying of Patients and Caregivers civil and constitutional rights,privileges and protections. HB 4834 would directly remove the most vital and keystone protections currently afforded patients. Patient and caregiver information would no longer be strictly confidential, and their private medical treatment choice will be available to a near endless list of authorized"officials" including "Security Personnel" or"Recreation Officers" hired by the State or local townships who Have no need for such sensitive information. HB 4834 will allow officers or security personnel to easily gain access to the registry without a warrant. We, the undersigned, find this unacceptable.


HB 4834 would also remove probable cause protections for the simple possession of a Patient or Caregiver Identification Card. HB 4834 would allow authorities to search the person or property of a citizen whom is legally in possession of a marihuana registry identification card, "or other-wise subject the person or property of the person to inspection by any local, county or state governmental agency” for the mere possession of an identification card. MCL 333.26426(g).


Currently, when a patient or caregiver presents their valid card to an official, they are not subject to inspection, search or seizure of their person or property. HB 4834 would allow an officer to search the patient or caregiver, their vehicle, their home and any other property that patient or Caregiver has, just for the mere possession of a valid registry identification card.


The Michigan Medical Marihuana Act was passed for two compelling reasons. First, to allow sick and disabled patients safe access to medical marihuana, and then most importantly, to protect those patients from law enforcement, court proceedings, forfeiture, and to ensure the confidentiality of participation in the program. We, the under-signed believe these core principles are being intruded upon in HB 4834.


Please Vote against HB 4834.


We, the undersigned, request a No vote from you, our Representatives, on HB 4851 and HB 4856. In their current form, these bills are unacceptable and place unattainable requirements upon patients and their caregivers. In HB 4856, the requirement for patients or caregivers when traveling in a vehicle with no trunk, a motorcycle, an ATV or a bicycle are completely objectionable because of the unreasonable language added to the bill 3/29/2012. As we understand it, a patient or caregiver would need to strap their medicine to the roof of their vehicle to make it "inaccessible" from the interior of the vehicle and anyone on a motorcycle or bicycle cannot satisfy this requirement at all.


In HB 4851, the amended language to Section 8 Affirmative Defense does not allow equal access to the court system for patients and caregivers to present a medical marijuana defense. This is still discriminatory and must be amended. Realize there has been no successful use of the affirmative defense at the Court of Appeals level. To further limit a patient sand caregivers right to mount a defense is totally unacceptable to most Americans.


We the undersigned, in unity, request full opposition to HB 4834 because it is a bill born from ill intentions and will destroy the most cherished and vital protections of patients and their caregivers. We also request opposition to HB 4851 and HB 4856 due to improper language which creates unattainable requirements.



Signed in Agreement 4/16/2012


Cannabis Patients United


Michigan Medical Marijuana Association


Michigan Association of Compassion Centers


Criminal Defense Attorneys of Michigan


Third Coast Compassion Center


Birmingham Compassion Club


Planet Green Trees


Dickinson County Compassion Club


New Detroit Compassion Club


Brighton Area Compassion Club


Kalamazoo Coalition for Compassionate Care


Jackson Compassion Club


Macomb Oakland Compassion Club


Clare County Compassion Club


Northeast Michigan Compassion Club


Craig Covey - Oakland County Commissioner


Andy Le Cureaux – Hazel Park City Council


Dr. Robert Townsend DO


Timothy Sawyer Knowlton, esq.


Dennis Hayes, esq.


Americans for Safe Access, Michigan Ambassador


Cannabis Counsel, PLC


Michigan NORML


Macomb County NORML


The Coalition for a Safer Detroit


Safer Michigan Coalition


Michigan Moms United to End the War on Drugs


Vote Green Initiative Project


Students for a Sensible Drug Policy – U of M Chapter


MMM Report


American Cultivator


Medical Marijuana Radio Show


Ann Arbor Medical Cannabis Guild


National Patients’ Rights Association



Recommended Comments

Sick and tired of always getting bunny muffin on, so now they are trying to run ramshot over this entire law, which should have been written with a few more of us sick and dying in mind in the first darn place, this is senseless victimizing of American Citizens.


The sad fact is, it's very hard to get the sick and dying infront of the capital building when most have a hard enough time sitting upright. Those who truly need this medicine for a small part of the quality of life those in the House and Senate enjoy everyday, are sick and disabled. Is Michigan the place where the sick and dying are kicked and spit on in our most high place of elected government, we should be holding out our hands to help those who are ill, but instead we turn it over and want to back hand them for being sick, wow .....


What is the process to unenroll in the MMP and what protections in the LAW were established for the patients when they unenroll...... What is the exit strategy....... I don't think their is anything in the MMA that talks how you go about exiting the program, what's is done with your medical records, and what not, how long they are held on file, blah blah blah......


Makes me wonder who came up with this and why not exit strategy.... Kinda like a mouse trap, once your in, your in for good..... which IMHO is not good, not good at all.....

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Been harassed for three years now.Was it worth it. No way.been knocked down beatin to a pulp when you going to grow up.your a criminal and deserve everything that has come your way.Well here i am three years later would i do it different knowing what i know now you bet would have never signed on the dotted line. Law Bites and you all know it. Its ok though its only my life not yours

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Exit process is easy, give it time you will be dead! And yes your correct for some of us a 100' walk is tough and can cause serious complications.

I deal constantly with people that are for compassion, yet they light up a cigarette in the medicine tent. which keeps me away from after-meeting markets.

All some of us wants to do is live with some respect on the exiting time of our lives. I use everybit of my energy to stay alive, I don't have extra to fight government as well!

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