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From: Contest By Dr. Bob- Win A Free Recertification With Records

Herb Cannabis


Making a political statement on a bumper sticker is not a marijuana leaf shaped air freshener any more than having a Ron Paul sticker means you support private ownership of anti-aircraft guns. But if folks think it is a bad idea to make a political statement about federal prohabition or in favor of legalization on a bumper sticker, I can see the objection and will withdraw the contest if that is what folks think is best.


The question now becomes, how do we redirect. Billboards are very expensive, I like the idea of short bullet phrases before the eyes of the public and thought bumperstickers might be the way to do it if the phrase was kept political rather than 'use' oriented. Perhaps T-Shirt iron ons? Any other ideas? Something cost effective to get the message into crowds at shopping malls, sporting events, etc? We need to get folks thinking about the idea of getting the federal government out of state medical marijuana programs.


Dr. Bob


PS, I wasn't really thinking about LEO targeting folks with stickers like that, you guys did and brought it up. That is the kind of critical thinking that really serves this kind of brain storming. I never said I had all the answers, but try and think of things to promote the community and the Act every now and then. It is these kind of discussions that separate the good from the bad ideas.



I like the idea that you are thinking and I especially like that because of your post Dr. Bob, other ideas have been born. This is exactly what we need to be doing in this community.


I'd also like to see interviews arranged on local radio and TV stations teaching about medical marijuana and the many wonderful advantages it has to offer over various pharmaceuticals. I'd like to see stories like this put out to the public: My patient (MS and restless leg syndrome) called me the following morning after receiving his first meds from me to let me know that he had his first nights sleep without being awoken in pain or jumping legs. He was nearly in tears and so was I that he had some good relief from his medical problems.


I am aware that bill boards are expensive, but I really think that we need to find a way to do them as they are seen by every single driver and passenger going buy. Put the truth out there and the general public will start to believe it and therefore, will support us.


Again, thanks for your post, I appreciate it.







Source: Contest By Dr. Bob- Win A Free Recertification With Records


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Thanks, we are rolling. I am going to spend the summer getting content and getting the site started. This fall, when the students come back, I am going to try and get the bumper stickers with www.justsayknow.org into the college campuses to really increase public awareness of the site. We'll try and keep it non-commercial (I have a practice website, this is going to be for everyone, not my practice), but I am financing it myself, so I am counting on folks here to help get the stickers out, provide content, and help keep it updated.


Getting a cert or two from me would be appreciated, and would help with the sponsorship, but the goal here is to provide education to the general public.


Dr. Bob

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