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Doctor drops you after you get your MMMP card

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From: Contest By Dr. Bob- Win A Free Recertification With Records

I like the idea that you are thinking and I especially like that because of your post Dr. Bob, other ideas have been born. This is exactly what we need to be doing in this community.   I'd also like to see interviews arranged on local radio and TV stations teaching about medical marijuana and the many wonderful advantages it has to offer over various pharmaceuticals. I'd like to see stories like this put out to the public: My patient (MS and restless leg syndrome) called me the following m

Herb Cannabis

Herb Cannabis

Third Front In The War

Blueberry said, "that we must fight the war on all fronts," and here is what I have come up with:   l. First front in our war is the MMM Act itself, I will always defend it.   2. Second front is the repealtoday.org effort, and I am circulating the petitions.   3. Industrial Hemp - The Third Front.   Thus far I have sent the following letters to my district representatives:   Letter #l)   Dear Mr. Potvin,   I am aware of a lot of vacant farmland in your district that could be

Herb Cannabis

Herb Cannabis

My Response To Politicians Asking For Money

I received this letter in my inbox this morning, please read my response as this is how I will handle all request for political support in the future. I'm hoping that if enough of us do this, they may take notice.   Take action!   Make a donation to power the CREDO SuperPAC's grassroots campaign to defeat these Tea Party extremists. Take action now! CREDO Action | more than a network, a movement.   Meet the first six of the Tea Party Ten.   Dear John,   Joe Walsh. Steve King. Sean

Herb Cannabis

Herb Cannabis



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