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Doctor Drops You After You Receive Mmmp Card

Herb Cannabis


What gives? Doctor refuses to see you if you have an MMMP card?!!!!!!!! Is this illegal under the MMMA?


I don't get it, perhaps you good people could enlighten me.


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I don't know what gives either! Mine did the same thing, although they said it was because I have too many things going on with me to feel comfortable treating me! Funny they were fine before they were told of my card and even made a copy of it for my file and thanked me for being so upfront! Yeah Right! My next doctor will not be told. Yes I have many things going on but that is why I need a doctor and use MM in the first place! I just don't get it!

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My first question is "How did you get your MM card"? Did you ask your doctor for a card first? Many people do not discuss their need for a MM card with their doctor. They go instead to a dispensary doctor who they never saw before and tell them what their health issues are and the doctor fills out the paperwork mainly based on what you tell them and because you pay them money just to get a MM card. Many people are getting cards when they do not need them. This will be one of the main issues opponents of MM will use to try and repeal this law. You should always go through your own doctor for any medical help first. I am not a doctor but if I were treating you for a long time then you show up with a MM card issued from another doctor I would be mad also. A doctor does not have to accept anyone as a patient. I do not know of any doctor who will keep a patient who does not follow their advice or go elsewhere for medications and care. You should always discuss all your health problems with your personal doctor first! If you do not like the treatment your doctor provides or your doctor has personal beliefs that keep him from providing the care you need then go see another doctor. Good luck finding another doctor. Remember though, if you do see a new doctor be sure to tell them up front you are a MM patient. That way you do not waste time starting a new relationship with a doctor who also does not support your need to try and have a normal life.

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ouch, that was harsh Joe! Last week I went to see my doctor 3 times for injuries related to my disability and my falling. On 3 visits he gave me several pills, I left, came home, and read the bottles... none were for treating my problem, and, no, I did not ask for pain pills - I hate having a pill head and the problems the side effects give. So - on the 3rd visit, he told me to go find another doctor because I have too many problems for his office to tend. Mind you, he was my doctor for the past 5 years! I did not volenteer my decision to seek out a MMJ doctor or card, I never mentioned it. I learned today from a nurse there, he suspected my MMJ usage because I do not want pills for my pain and he has not wrote me any in nearly 6 months. I am assuming this angered him because he won't be getting any more perks from the pharmacutical companies for pushing the pills he had me on. I feel better now than I did before with what I recently counted to be 37 pills a day! As for shadewalker, keep your chin up, it won't be long these doctors will be jumping thru hoops and kissing feet because 63% of thier patients left! ;)

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Sorry if my post sounded harsh. I was just stating why some doctors are doing what this blog is discussing. When you are chronically ill you must have a good relationship with you doctor. Going to another doctor for no other reason then to get a MM card is not working with your doctor, thus causing issues with them. A doctor does not have to accept you as a patient and you are not obligated to see any certain doctor. My suggestion to everyone who feels they need MM is talk to your doctor about it first. If your doctor does not feel you need it then start looking for a doctor who agrees with you and work on your relationship with your new doctor. When you have any chronic pain you must have a doctor that will see you regularly and make sure your med's are available to you. This state has many doctors who understand the benefits of MM. Find one of these doctors and make them your primary or regular doctor. It is a lot easier to go to the clinic and get your card, but then you put yourself in an unfavorable position with your personal doctor. Your health is a very important matter and one thing I have learned about the medical system is it is VERY important to work with your doctor. Good luck to everyone who is having issues with their doctors. Nothing can be more frustrating then needing help for pain and having to fight the person you look to for this help.

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I have inquired with over 30 doctors in the past 6 months. No doctor I have encountered - approved of the MMJ methods for treating my pain. They all say "the benefits out weigh the risk and this is why you need these meds" or they say "we do not write pain med perscriptions at this office for any reason". So with this being the case, no doctor wants to take a patient who has a disability requiring substantial time and thouroughly searching for appropriate medications that don't cause a med-head or complications, or a new patient who refuses narcotics and would rather smoke MM for the pain. Just a thought...

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I personally have several Doctor's myself. I have never came out and told them (except one and he felt the need to photo copy my card to put in my file)that I have a MM card. I have however brought up the discussion to each Doc where they stand on the issue and NONE of them even want to discuss it. Period! Something else to keep in mind is that most medical clinics are Federally Funded and those Docs for sure aren't going to discuss it let alone refer you for a MM card ( I know this because it was told to me by one of my Doctor's.

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I will not speak of it again to any doctor.. and I will get the pain meds even if I don't use them.. I will just stock pile them so the doctor thinks I am taking them.. I have had to do this with other medication in the past... I just get rid of it later... but as long as they think I'm taking it we all get along just fine... I just wish I would find a doctor that can look at the medication I take and my condition and stop telling me "Someone must be wrong! You are too young to have all these things wrong with you!" I have had to same condition for almost 10 years and on the same medication for the last almost 5 years. I hate it when you have to change doctors....


I really can't wait for them to come to the understanding that it helps more then it hurts...

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anyone's docter can stop seeing them for any reason. If your like me I went out and found me a docter that would take care of my illnesses and review me choices of medicines that are at my choices. there are doctor out there but you may have to travel. or you could start picking the doctor offices and get them to change thier mind by trying to get there other patient that are not under the MMMA program.

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Patients need protection to continueation of care on medications . People die from the stress of withdrawls all the time . The death certificate reads stroke , heart attack , suicide or overdose ( rebound ) but the truth is they are suffering more then they can take from a change in body chemistry adapted to medication over years . Some people can die from a bee sting and similarily others have huge problems with even minor medication adjustments let alone being put in a cold turkey situation . This is wrong and other States have protections for continuance of care that provides a saftey net requiring another Doctor to support a patient if they move in State or their Doctor dies , moves etc . as well as allows for a board review before a Doctor can drop a patient . Also patients do not need punishment or tough love so weaning and detoxification programs exist for those who require them due to developing toxicity or other legitimate reasons to adjust down or discontinue use .


With most patients specialization has created a situation where several Doctors are involved in a treatment program . It is customerry to use only one Doctor as a source and even one pharmacy for dependent medication . I saw a Doctor only twice before being offerred major surgery which I put off until about the 4th visit . A cannabis recommendation by a specialist once a year is reasonable IMHO . Many people on the program cannot travel or leave home without either suffering or wearing down . The last thing you need when you have health problems is to feel abandoned and to be put in withdrawl which leaves many disoriented and mentally unbalanced for months even years . It is time patients had more protections from this occurance as we have seen discriminatory patient drops despite the protections of the Michigan Medical Marihuana Act .

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