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Green Oak Township, Tries, And Fails Again

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Well, the good folks at Green Oak Township met in session again last night to attempt to pass their proposed moratorium on growth, sales and dispensation of cannabis. While the ordinance is nearly right, there were still some sticking points that need to be clarified, so the board tabled the moratorium again. Many thanks to those who spoke on our behalf, here is a link to the article in the Livingston Daily...




We will be there each and every time they attempt to steal the rights of patients and caregivers in Livingston Co...we are winning these skirmishes handily, convinced more than one board member that this is a violation of our rights as patients. I see no difference between these co-ops (dispensaries) and the local VFW, Eagles or any other social organization. The same rules that apply to them are the ones that should apply to our clubs. Afterall, you must be 21 to drink the other clubs alcohol, which is killing people left and right, and you must be legal to partake of our meds, which do literally NO HARM, other than massive munchie attacks...lol...isn't our way better, all round?



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