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Wondering How To Start

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You are well on your way to getting a c.g just by posting on here! Im sure you will get many people p.m ing you with their email adress and phone #, good luck and I would not jump into one real quick make sure your c.g can meet your needs, it is a pain in the butt to have to change. like i did, and I would suggest a written contract between you and c.g, and make sure price is on their and how much you will be obligated to use from the c.g, if he or she has any left over they should be willing to let youpurchase more if needed, I am going to be a c.g. I will make a contract for patient and c.g arrangement, and I will be seeking very low income patients, that may need some meds for free at times, I want to be able to help those in need and also be able to at least cover expenses, and get my meds for free, I will be offering them great quality mm for no more than 2hundy an oz, if i can make it lower I most def will, Id like to make a little cash from this arrangement, but I can make a little off of alot instead of alot off of one! make sure you find some one that is willing to deliver to you, and can make medibles, and oils, hash, butter, tea, tablets, there is more than one way to use mm as a great medication, I like to smoke but my lungs are not liking it to well, im learning to make hard canacandy and canalollipops! easy way to use in public, no smoke necisarry!

Peace, and good luck!

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