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Qualified Patient Identification

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A qualified patient has to submit photo identification with his MDCH registry application.

In Berrien County, we border the state of Indiana, and are about an hour from the Illinois state line. We have many out-of-state residents that have 2nd homes in our county.


Can a visiting qualifying patient, who owns a 2nd home in Michigan, get registered in Michigan?


And, can an out-of-state driver's license be utilized for registering a qualified patient? Rule 333.103 b(i)(ii) states that identification issued by "a state". The physical address used on the application in this case would be the 2nd home address in Michigan.





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You're missing it. Where does it say in the Act or Rules that you have to be a Michigan resident?


They own a home in Michigan. Have a Michigan adress.


MDCH rules do not require a Michigan ID.


Weird: You have brought up an excellent point.


The Application and Renewal forms say:



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When I went in for my doctors visit, someone that had recently moved to Michigan was asking the lady at the desk if she could use her current driver's license. She said no, but it was more because the State seemed to be looking for reasons to reject applications. She didn't say you couldn't do it, but with the wait times and all she didn't feel it was worth it. Hope this helps.

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