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A Hemp Ethanol Spill Would Just Evaporate!

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A hemp ethanol spill would just evaporate!


Anyone notice the Gulf of Mexico (and, given the rate in which this thing is growing and our inability to plug it - all the world's oceans) are turning to black sludge? Thanks, BP! Thanks Halliburton! Check out the following links to see what I'm talking about:


Astronauts see ‘scary’ oil spill from space



BP, Coast Guard Officers Block Journalists From Filming Oil-Covered Beach (VIDEO)



Gulf Oil Is in the Loop Current, Experts Say

Satellite pictures show oil snared by an eddy.



A New Oil Rush Endangers the Gulf of Mexico and the Planet



White House Covers Up Menacing Oil "Blob"



Even Fox News - normally the unquestioning servant of corporate America - is on the attack:







So ... what does all that have to do with our cannabis culture? Well check this next link out:


December 8, 2006

Ethanol spill decision: No cleanup required


Tim Krohn


CAMBRIA — There will be no action taken to clean up the site of an ethanol spill from a railroad derailment, but monitoring wells will be installed.


State pollution officials said boring tests from the site near Cambria in Blue Earth County showed the soil is naturally very high in organic material, which will help speed the evaporation of ethanol and a small amount of gasoline.


And they found the ethanol is being contained well by clay under the topsoil and there has been no migration of pollutants and no pollutants detected in the Minnesota River.


“They think is will naturally evaporate rather quickly,” said Nancy Miller, a spokeswoman for the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency.


Six Dakota, Minnesota and Eastern Railroad cars derailed Nov. 22 with 30,000 gallons of ethanol, mostly from one tanker, spilling into the dry bed of the Little Cottonwood River.




Three thoughts immediately come to mind after reading that.


1) Hemp is the best crop for making ethanol with. If you don't believe me check out my article on hemp ethanol:




2) Unlike an oil spill, a hemp ethanol spill is small - 30,000 gallons total instead of "estimated 210,000 gallons of oil a day" and could take "another ninety days" to cap (on top of the 30 so far) according to Democracy Now:




3) And unlike an oil spill, a hemp ethanol spill would require no cleanup! It just evaporates!


I'm tired of waiting for the economic decisions of the world to finally be made by consumers instead of producers. I hope somebody with power and influence reads this, realizes the importance of switching to a fuel that evaporates when spilled instead of killing our planet, and then educates the public (and our rulers) into the importance of switching the massive energy subsidies currently given to oil companies over to sustainable fuel companies - especially ethanol production ... and we finally get around to removing the red tape around industrial hemp so it can easily compete with and replace oil.


Remember ... 6 times cheaper at the pump with no oil wars, no oil spills and a reverse of the greenhouse effect! There's no downside to hemp ethanol ... unless you're an oil company.



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