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Building A Grow Room, Some Advice Please. :)


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Ok, I have a spot that I can build pretty much anything I want even up to a 40x40 space to work with. The only problem that I have is I am on a strict budget. So this is what I was thinking.


An 8x8ft space divided in half with that black plastic stuff, so two 4x8 rooms with 8 or 12 ft ceilings (haven't decided yet). I am also going to build a small 4x8 enclosure outside with a lock and key entry door. I will frame out the 8x8 room with 2x4x8's and sheet it with the R-value foam sheeting top and sides, again with the black plastic sheeting dividing the two rooms.


I currently have a 400watt HPS and two 150watt HPS lights along with a four bulb florescent four footer for veg. I use soil and plan on using 5gal buckets pre-drilled with holes on the bottom and sides until I can figure out a way to sew up some of that mesh weed guard fabric of the same size. I will veg out of 3 gal white trash containers as they are cheap and deep, yet not very wide to save space. Two or three weeks before I put them into flower I will transplant them into the bigger 5gal containers.


I now have almost too much air flow, and an air conditioner to keep the heat down. My 400watt HPS has the vent holes in the sides but I took out the glass so that no UV rays are impeded from the girls. My fans blow lots of air between the bottom of the lights and the top's of the plants to keep them cool enough so they don't get heat stressed.


Just looking for idea's or any information on what else I can do, or how to make this better. Everything will be in a locked building, and the outside enclosure will also be locked. I am not getting too crazy on the outside, just a simple lean-to framed with 2x4's and enclosed with wire mesh fencing. After all, they use wire fencing in maximum security prisons, and their is no cage over the top. Atleast my enclosure will have a mesh wire lid, so I believe it falls right in line with the law of a secure locked enclosure.


Let me know what you think, or if you have any ideas. I hope to get this done by the second week in June, so times a ticking. Thanks again to you all. God bless





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