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Where To Grow? Any Good Suggestions?


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Right now and for at least the next 6 months perhaps 18 mths

it just won't be practical to grow at my house for several



Has anyone run into this situation and if so have you found any

good alternatives?


Someone told me to rent a storage unit but that is just not practical

or realistic. There won't be enough power in the unit, too hard to regulate

the temp and the odor issue not to mention most people do not visit their storage

units once or twice a day.


I am in the Metro Detroit area (near southfield) anyone have any ideas or suggestions?

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Still looking for other ideas.


I am not opposed to renting a space at all but just what kinda space???


A apartment just is not practical due to odor and neighbors


A house gets a little unrealistic financially


A storage unit just sounds FOOLISH.


Friends or family house is just not an option for me but I wish it was!

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How are you going to get enough power in a storage unit?

How are you going to mask the smell when those units are simple tin cans

How can you control the temp.


I just do not think the storage units would have anywhere near the power needed to run

a half way decent grow.

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