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Strength In Numbers Toward A Common Cause

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Less than a week ago, officials in Branch County, located near Coldwater, decided to vote on an ordinance that would outlaw medical marijuana, as several other city governmental agencies have done in the state of Michigan. The city of Coldwater, specifically, went about to set strict limits on where medical marihuana can be grown, stored and how much medical marihuana may exist in a given facility.


I want to use this post to thank Joe Cain and John Wells and the more than 60 supporters who showed up on behalf of all patients and caregivers to voice their opposition. It was reported that more people attended this meeting than have ever appeared at a Branch County city council meeting.


To those of you who lent your support but could not attend in person, thank you as well. Branch County should stand as an example and set a precedent for our community to draw strength from. The Democratic process can work. It worked when the signatures were collected, when petitions were signed, and when the voters came out, voted and passed this law. Many did not realize that the battle was just beginning. Year two and three are going to be crucial for our community. We must be aware of this, and our unity and commitment to patients and caregivers cannot be compromised.


Our victories will come one city, one county and one case at time.


The fact is that we have the numbers to win. The only reason we won’t is because of lethargy. There is no better feeling as a lawyer to hear a verdict for your side. Likewise, the 60 plus community members who were present in Branch County City Council meeting understand what I am talking about. They all had a direct impact in the democratic process.


I want to encourage everyone to come out and participate. Many in the community are unable to leave their homes, but those who can, make an effort to show up to city council meetings and court proceedings. Picket those police departments and prosecutors’ offices that are not enforcing the will of the people.


We must get out and vote, we must be a force at the ballot box. This community has been successful in the democratic process thus far, let’s continue this fight and win through unity and exercising our will. Let us be the ones to decide who will lead our community.

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"The fact is that we have the numbers to win. The only reason we won’t is because of lethargy."


Well, WE say: "WE WILL"!


Remember: There REALLY IS . . . "POWER in NUMBERS"!


Good post.


And, I'll certainly "Second" that!


Free the CURE!

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