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Antrim County And The Psychotic Landlord

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Hello all.


Finally made it back to Antrim County after being gone for the last 10 years. Living near CL / Bellaire.


Our landlord is family and just about threw us out before we even got unpacked after me sitting them down for an honest talk our involvement with MMJ. Like I said, it's family - just outting myself as a cg and my wife as a patient has already soured the relationship terribly. So I don't want to completely ruin the relationship by dragging it out in a fight for our right to grow. He's the type that would sneak into the garage and destroy everything with gasoline to get his way. So it's a pointless fight - narrow minded alcoholic red necks sure do make life up here interesting. I'm lucky to be as open minded as I am considering the home I grew up in.


We are either looking for a new place to rent, need at least 2bd with a garage. I work from home as a glass pipe maker. The mmj laws have even helped me to legitimize that part of my life - thanks michigan! Even just a garage or private storage space would be excellent.


Also, looking to hook up with other local patients / cg's. My wife is currently out of her meds and we're not sure how the 'transfers' thing works around here with the local prosectutor / police.


I've got some pretty nice genetics to work with as well. I'm a soil grower. Always been easy to keep it simple with dirt but I can grow some seriously nice nugs - you can find my handywork over on ICMAG. Once I'm in a safe space and get a good harvest in, I'll be looking to add more patients at a very low rate. Somewhere in the $50-100 range. I'll let the dispensaries rip people off, I have a heart. lol...


Any information / leads / tips / etc is greatly appreciated.We live down in the Clare,Michigan and a lot of good deals on house down this way. Harrison, Clare,Lake George,Temple.

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There is a group in Boyne City that meets the First and Third Tuesdays of the month. I just went there for the first time this week. My first impression of the group is that you should definitely go to one of their meetings, but I don't really know them that well. Cardholders or those with paperwork only.


There are also a few groups in Traverse City -- is that a farther drive for you? The Grand Traverse Compassionate Connection holds meetings every Wednesday, 7pm, 207 grandview parkway. I've been to plenty of their meetings, and think it's an excellent group.


Congratulations on moving back up North!

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