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Gop Sarah Palin And Her Stance On Mj


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By: Mary Smith

Staff Writer

Published: Jun 21, 2010


Sarah Palin marijuana issue is minimal compared to other problems.


Sarah Palin marijuana is a minimal problem, according to the former Republican governor. Palin is not for legalization of pot because it would only encourage young people to use the drug. There were rumors that Sarah Palin wanting marijuana legalized, but those ideas are false.


"If we're talking about pot, I'm not for the legalization of pot. I think that would just encourage especially our young people to think that it was OK to just go ahead and use it," Sarah Palin said in a statement. "I think we need to prioritize our law enforcement efforts. And if somebody's gonna smoke a joint in their house and not do anybody else any harm, then perhaps there are other things our cops should be looking at to engage in and try to clean up some of the other problems that we have in society."


The youngest person and the first woman ever elected Governor of Alaska has admitted to using the drug in Alaska, when it was legal in the state, but not liking it. The fox contributor stated, "can't...say that I never inhaled." She now feels that the authorities have the wrong idea about what is most important to pursue.


Possession of one ounce or less of marijuana in the privacy of the home was legal in Alaska up until 2006. It was the only state to have it legal. It was then that Alaska voted to make it a crime.

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So where is the logic in that position? What exactly is she proposing? Not legalization. Is she suggesting decriminalization? Does that not send basically the same message to young people? Even that excuse for not being for legalization is lacking any logic. I guess if you are playing politics then that position makes sense. It gets the votes from both the pro legalization camp and does not completely isolate your prohibitionist voters.


Making laws that decriminalize small amounts but keep the supply chain illegal foolishly ignores the problem of organized crime that runs the supply chain. Only full legalization will stop the bloodshed and huge tax burden that keeping it illegal brings. But silly me for expecting politicians to discuss the actual issues and not some fear mongering "what about the children" distraction fallacy.

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