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[TUTORIAL] Pot Brownies - My Way


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Submitted By: stuckinlodiSubmitted On: Yesterday, 08:53 PMSubmitted In: Cooking, Medibles, and TincturesClick here to go to tutorial


I have tried making pot brownies using a few different methods and I have found this way to be the easiest and most time efficient. It also gives you more bang for your buck as far as how much ganga you need to use. If you do decide to try this method, please leave feedback. I'm curious to see how other people like them.


Brownie mix of your choosing (it needs to be one that uses veg oil-most do. I like Ghirardellis mixes...very moist)


7-9 grams of plant matter (I use HIGH GRADE commercial, no need to waste the really good stuff. Small stems are okay

but I leave out big stems and any seeds. Grind all plant matter up in spice grinder until its coarsely chopped but not



Heat recommended amount of oil from brownie mix plus 1 tablespoon in a small pot on the stove. Don't boil,barely simmer. Add

your ganga and continue to simmer for 25-30 minutes (turn on the hood fan because this will produce a strong odor. Okay if

you live alone but your roommates may complain). After the 30 minutes are up CAREFULLY (hot oil burns suck)strain oil into a

CLEAN tea towel-lined strainer. Let this sit and drain until it is cool enough to touch. Take the towel and squeeze as hard

you can to extract the rest of the oil out of the plant matter. By this time the ganga will be mostly oil-free and useless.

Toss it. You should have the same amount (or VERY close) of oil that you started with. Allow this to cool and mix up your



I am a big fan of baking my brownies in mini muffin tins. This recipe will make 24-36 "brownie bites" depending on the

manufacturer of your pan. I get 36. One dose is 1-1.5 brownies. The reason I like the mini muffin tin is because I find

that when you cut up a pan of regular brownies you get a lot of crumbs. Crumbs=waste. Plus, every "brownie bite" has that

nice edge everybody always fights over.


I hope you'll give these a try! Enjoy!

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I have viewed quite a few of your recipes and they all look awesome. I prefer scratch cooking as well but you can't beat the ease of these. I actually look very forward to experimenting with edibles as I am classicly trained in culinary arts. It'll be fun to see what I can come up with. Thanks for the reply!

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