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Pontiac Now Has 6 Month Moratorium

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Of The Oakland Press


The future of selling legalized marijuana in Pontiac isn’t up in smoke, but it does have a waiting period.


The Pontiac City Council approved a six-month moratorium on cultivating and dispensing facilities during its Thursday night meeting.


A subcommittee will be given the task of researching the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act and how other communities handle it.


The moratorium will keep permits or licenses from being issued to use property in the city for the cultivation and distribution of marijuana, selling equipment for the cultivation of marijuana, smokehouses being opened or any other activities associated with medical marijuana.


According to the Michigan Department of Community Health, anyone qualified to have medical marijuana must register with the state. The state charges a $100 application fee for a new or renewed application to obtain marijuana.


The state reports receiving 42,303 original and renewal applications since April 6, 2009.


Pontiac City Attorney Mark Hotz told the council at least one individual attempted to set up a marijuana business in the downtown, but it was shut down after city officials learned about it.


Council President Lee Jones said they can’t ignore the issue.


The six months will allow the city to determine what best practices should be used, while not creating a public safety issue, he said.


During the meeting, Jones asked the public to notify the police or City Hall if they know of any business operating without permission from the city.


Mayor Leon Jukowski said anyone wanting to start such a business would have to go through a process and city officials have to determine how best to work with these business owners.


“It’s a classic example of do your homework first,” he said.


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"Sometimes - indeed, mostly all times - the needs of 'the few' (in wannbe rulers' eyes) outweighs the needs (and wants, and hopes, and dreams ...) of 'the many' (WE The PEOPLE)".


So says the tyrannical minority - clutching the grubby club of government power.


Malfeasant minds in ignorant action.


Be Healthy.




(From wannabe dictators)



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“It’s a classic example of do your homework first,” he said.


Your homework should have been done 2 years ago!

Ponticrack.....what joksters....Don't they realize providing patients safe access to medicine is a great thing versus patients have to work with gun touting gangsters selling garbage for profit. Hey let a P/CG sell it to them and the P/CG will return it back into local businesses like hydro shops that actually pay taxes. Some people are just stuck in the Nixon/Reagan era....but thats also why a big portion of the Government is also failing too.

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