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New Issue Of Granny's List. Now 420 Pages Long!

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Please just send a quick email to Granny at greenpassion.org to get her latest list and any updates in the future.


From: Storm Crow <stormcrow@greenpassion.org>

Date: Wed, 28 Jul 2010 14:40:35 -0800

Subject: Fwd: Granny's List July 2010.pdf

To: Email me this list please!

Here you go! 420 pages of MMJ links! Enjoy! - Granny



Subject: Granny's List July 2010.pdf

Email the list to me please


Facebook for Granny's list



Please check it out.


This is a massive tool for the medical marijuana activist.

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"If the Truth won't do, there's something wrong!"


OK, you guys are my "guinea pigs" again! This is the very first preview of the July list with a full 420 pages! If you find any errors, please tell me, OK?


Granny Storm Crow's MMJ Reference List- July 2010


This is my third year of sharing "Granny's list" with all of you. Last year, I told you "How this list came about." This year, it's "Why you should be sharing my list!"


From 60 pages, a symbolic celebration of my then 60 years on Earth, my list has grown to an equally symbolic 420 pages of links, in hopeful anticipation of it's re-legalization in California this fall and the dawning of medical freedom in other states.


My "Granny's list" contains 100s of studies about cannabis and how it heals- all done in an environment of "strong discouragement" on the part of the US government. How large my collection would be if research into this healing herb had been unrestricted? What would we know if we could have researched during those 70- odd years of prohibition!


As a medicine, cannabis is potentially invaluable- this collection is ample proof of that! From stopping hiccups, to halting breast cancer's terrible spread, cannabis works! But there are still too many "may"s and "might"s when it comes to cannabis. We need more research, which will not, and cannot, happen until cannabis is legalized and rescheduled.


When I began using cannabis medically over 40 years ago, there was no such thing as "medical use"; not even the concept existed! Education has made the difference. Somewhere along the line, every one of the people who have voted to legalize medical use in their state, learned that cannabis was an effective medicine, perhaps from a relative's use, or from a program they saw, or a study they read. They learned the truth.


In a Canadian survey of doctors, a majority admitted that most of what they knew about cannabis came from their patients! They had learned only the "government line" in medical school. That was in Canada, where medical use is federally legal! So how much does your doctor really know about cannabis? My list gives you a way to educate him.


And you shouldn't stop with your doctor. Local city councilmen and commissioners have the power to ban dispensaries through local ordinances. It is easier to educate them before it's an issue. They need the medical facts about cannabis to make logical decisions!


We all know someone who has diabetes, fibro, cancer or MS. They shouldn't have to suffer, physically, financially, or legally, for using an herbal medicine. One they could easily grow if sane cannabis laws were in place. Home-grown is cheaper than any pill!


Cannabis, with its remarkable safety record, should be the first medicine tried, not be the medicine of last resort! It is only by educating others, that we can bring cannabis back into mainstream medicine where it belongs. Please share the facts about cannabis with those around you, and back them up with medical studies from my list.


The simple truth is "Cannabis heals". And as my wise old grandfather once said,

"If the truth won't do, then something is wrong!"

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