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Need A Microscope


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So I'm getting towards my first harvest, and it looks like I'm going to need a handheld microscope to examine my buds. I stopped by Radio Shack to check out their 60-100x LED scope, but didn't much like it, so I'm looking for suggestions.

What brands or models do you like?

What magnification do you use? I was thinking that 10-30x might be better than 60-100x.

How about a regular jeweler's loupe rather than a microscope?

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I prefer 30x magification -- I think more would be difficult, as I have a hard enough time getting a steady clear picture at 30x.


This one is only $11 as looks identical to the one I purchased at Radio Shack a few years ago:



I'm interested in people's suggestions, though, since I find this one a bit awkward to use. I usually clip off a leaf, place on a flat surface, get out my flashlight, and then examine the leaf. It would be nice to find a small scope with a larger lens. I thought about trying a loupe, but heard that the quality of most easily available 30x loupes wasn't that good. Sounds like G3LLO is happy enough with his loupe, though.

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