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There was an introduction from a new member "Parky"

last night. As many may be finding out, due to the

change to a new host, some things got lost.

Parky's introduction thread is one of them.


Parky; Welcome!

No one is laughing at you, we all are always asking

and learning. This is a great place with friendly,

helpful, knowledgable people that are willing

to help or find someone who can. I think you may

be in my area. I'm not new to Cannabis but am

still learning the in's and outs of being a legal

patient. 21 days after your check was cashed

and if you haven't received a denial, your pprwk

is your card. The actual card is taking months

to arrive and is a bone of contention we have

with the MDCH but, that is another story!

Any way, If you live around the Lansing area

and want/or need someone to kinda show

you around I would love to help you out.

PM or email me if you're interested.

If not near me, let us know your general

location and there will be someone in

your area that will help.

You have come to the best place, a

community of caring souls and I hope

you will make it a "home" here.




I just searched members and don't find

Parky there. I know I read his thread and

others posted replies also!


If you're out there Parky... it was technical

please come back!

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