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Watch What The Kids Bring Home From School ....

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my kids have already been told that they are not to bring home school laptops. i will not give those people a chance to do this to my family. those kids had to have been photographed while they were changing their clothes everyday. an adult or adults must have been watching this. imho i consider this to be a violation of children's rights. and isn't this what we classify as child pornography? This is absolutely unexceptable behavior for a school. what kind of example are they setting by doing this. that it is ok to violate someones privacy this way.This just makes my blood boil. I just can not stand the idea that the very people that are supose to be taking care of and protecting our children are the ones violating them.just my opinion .

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I just gotta be an @ss...


No sh*t a school can and will check up on the equipment handed out to students, duh. Just imagine how livid the public would be if the school wasn't checking and missed brutalities that could have been prevented, or a batch of students putting up their own sex stuff.. Then it wouldn't be a case of "how dare they look", but a case of "how dare they NOT have been looking?" Then they get their buns sued off for not watching. How unhappy would some folks be if the school quit having laptops to take home at all due to non-returns. It's a catch 22 for the school system.


Gotta be wise with what you use borrowed equipment for... Just like if you brought the company laptop home you wouldn't troll for porn on that machine because the company can and will check up on what kind of work you are doing... or not. But it is just one of those things that has to be accounted for when borrowing a laptop.


If you don't like the notion of the school possibly spying on your home, then don't bring a fat recording and tracking device from the school into your home.


All righty, that said...


It was downright wrong of the school people involved in the recording of the student who is suing. They did not use the tracking and recording equipment to hunt down a laptop that was missing. I gotta say I would be fine with that.

They used that equipment to inappropriately watch a student... does not matter what they were watching for, it's just not right that they were using the laptop like that.

It was irresponsible on the part of the school to hand out laptops without telling parents and students exactly what that entailed. Negligent in the handling of the IT department that could do this. It is horrifying to think what else might have been caught in that many images.

I hope the folks directly involved get fried, but not necessarily the whole system. But I hope they do get a smackdown to tighten up their policies and procedures so this sort of thing never happens again.

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