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Anyone Want To Share A Pontiac Expo Booth?

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Seriously? Ya... come run my booth for me, and pay for it!? uuhh, No. The comment about me not wanting to hang around the booth was to let interested businesses know I'm not going to be back there cramping their style.


How about this, somebody has a booth already, that they paid $1500 for. I give them $500 and they let me put my flyers on their table. I think thats very fair. I pay for a third of someones booth and use probably not even 1/10 of the space.




I'll split the costs with someone if there interested in sharing half a booth thats probably made for one? Whatever, we could make it work.


My business is not directly marijuana related. I can't justify $1500 when most the grow room jobs I do are under $150 in profit.


GregS & Wayne, this is for business people I wouldn't expect you to understand. :P


Ps. I would prefer a business from Oakland county area. As me advertising in someones booth from outside my area of work doesn't make sense. And I also do vinyl graphics & business cards so I could help you out with your booth aswell. (See Wayne you don't have to invest in that.)

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I do, just funnin' with ya. You'll find the organizor's and promoters get kinda touchy about this until they can't fill space. Got a contract yet? It's they that will surprise you.

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Ok I have found another company that is possibly interested for $500. So there $500 + my $500, is a $1k. If we find another small company that wants to put $500 down then we're good to go!


$500 isn't much at all. The name recognition alone is worth that. :)


The current businesses interested, are an electric company/caregiver & a hydro shop.

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The costs for such booths discussed here, ought not be $1500. There may be some scenarios that could cost that much, but just for a regular, local related business, 6-800 is more in line.


I want to help defeat those who want to compromise this event. Please contact me and I will help arrange a booth for considerably less than $1500. If I can not do that, then this event really has no chance.


For now, let's get there, participate and support it.

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We had to cancel the Great Lakes Medical Cannabis Expo due to a shortage of vendors. Our 10x10 booth rate was $750, and we had premium packages up to $40k. If you don't sell any premium packages, the 10x10 booth price would have to be $1500 or more for the promoter to pay all the expenses. Producing a large-scale event is expensive, our budget was over $400k!


Maybe our community is still too new and small for an event of this magnitude. Untill he have collectives and dispensaries competing to service patients, and our patient base expands, small local events may be the best way to grow the community and provide patient outreach.


BTW, we would not allow more than 2 vendors to share a booth. We did have FREE space available for all Compassion Clubs though! I hope the Silverdome event goes well, but it may be ahead of it's time.

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Marijuana festivals in Colorado: Is the state oversaturated with Cannapaloozas?


By Joel Warner, Tue., Sep. 7 2010 @ 7:16AM

Denver Westword Blogs


Cannabis Festiva, an event booked for Dick's Sporting Goods Park in Commerce City on August 21, was designed for thousands of attendees -- but only hundreds showed.


Could it be that potential attendees were already at the THC Music Festival that same weekend in Alma? Or perhaps folks were feeling burned out after a never-ending stream of local cannabis festivals, expos, conventions and competitions.


"Maybe people are realizing we don't need a festival every other week," says Vincent Palazzo of the nonprofit Medical Marijuana Assistance Program of the Rockies.


And not only were some of these events poorly attended, but several have been plagued by scandal. The Colorado Cannabis Convention last April almost went up in smoke; the title sponsor, Kush, took the reins at the last minute. And HempCon, a convention in San Jose last month, was blasted for running what appeared to be a marijuana prescription mill.


Still, the cannapalooza craze rolls on. The swanky Plant Medicine Expo and Healthcare Provider Conference will take over the Denver Sheraton Downtown from September 24 to 26. And Kush founder Michael Lerner plans to top the first Kush convention -- which, with 20,000 attendees, was reportedly the largest cannabis event anywhere -- with KushCon II, a three-day extravaganza featuring benefit concerts and indoor skateboarding ramps at the Colorado Convention Center from December 16 to 18. "You can't guarantee success just by putting on an event," says Lerner. "People want to walk in and say, 'Wow.' It has to be fun, entertaining and informative. You have to cover all the bases."


Lerner plans to have all bases covered in May 2011, when he puts on the first World Cannabis Convention -- a showstopper designed to fill all half-million square feet of the Colorado Convention Center.


Let's just hope Cannabis Festiva II isn't scheduled for the same weekend.

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