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From The Police Beat, Legalize Marijuana For Public Safety

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From the American Police beat:


The current and former White House drug czars unwittingly reveal the profound weakness of the case for continuing marijuana prohibition by relying on tired "reefer madness" hyperbole. As law enforcement veterans with a combined 68 years of police experience, we'd like to outline the many compelling reasons to support legalizing and regulating marijuana through measures like California's Proposition 19. The bottom line is straightforward: Proposition 19 is not about the right to get high. It's about public safety. We are just two of the growing number of law enforcement professionals who understand that it's prohibition that causes just about all our problems with marijuana - not the plant itself.


The violence, the enrichment of criminals, the wasted police resources, the alarmingly widespread access our kids have to the drug - all of these result from prohibition. The clear answer is to regulate marijuana similar to the way we do alcohol. Research has consistently shown that it is easier for kids to obtain marijuana than it is to buy beer.


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