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The Village Of Holly Considering Medical Marijuana Ordinance


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The village of Holly considering medical marijuana ordinance

Published: Monday, September 06, 2010, 3:00 AM

Trina Manty | The Flint Journal


HOLLY, Michigan -- The village of Holly is considering a zoning ordinance for medical marijuana facilities.

The measure would allow businesses to seek permits from the village allowing them to produce and dispense medical marijuana.

The ordinance provides guidelines for where businesses can grow marijuana, and “compassion clubs,” a place where groups of qualifying patients can come together to use marijuana.

City Attorney, Michael Gildner, said since the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act took effect in 2009, “it is an issue that we will most likely have to deal with.”

Officials say that since marijuana use is still illegal under federal law, the ordinance will help resolve ambiguity between the state and federal statues.

“The feds have stepped back, and will not prosecute in states where it is lawful,” said Gildner, “so it has been left for local authorities to deal with. We are trying to step in and fill the void as much as possible.”

“A lot of communities are struggling with this across the state,” said Holly Police Chief Rollie Gackstetter, who is also serving as acting village manager.

Tuesday, a dispensary in Lapeer County was raided by police and nearly 50 marijuana plants confiscated over concerns that operation was violating rules governing marijuana transactions.

The Holly proposal was developed after training sessions and communication with local communities who have adopted similar policies. “I think it strikes a balance between local concerns and at the same time respects the letter of the law,” said Gackstetter.

The Michigan Medical Marijuana Association supports local ordinances.

“I think it does need to be regulated,” said Ramon Patrick, office manager at the MMMA. “Even if communities are not comfortable with a retail establishment, it is not fair to a patient to make them feel like it’s a drug deal. They need a safe, comfortable place where medical marijuana can be administered. Some patients are elderly, and some cannot get around easily.”

A public hearing will be held at the next council meeting on Sept. 24 to decide whether to adopt the ordinance.

“I expect a vote on the issue within the next 30 days,” said Gackstetter.



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Guest finallyfree09

Holly is definitely a hip little place, I ski there a lot in the winter. Speaking of hip places..Vail,Colorado is the hippest place I've ever been...spend a couple weeks there and any stress seems to fly right out the window!!

vail is where i go elk hunting! on the north side of the highway there is a road called red sandstone road... take that up into the mountains and stay to the right if it forks. will take you 14 miles back in. BEAUTIFUL area.


one thing i never understood in vail is why on earth it costs $12.50 for a tuna sandwich with some chips! $25 for an 8 oz. new york strip! nice place to visit but you couldn't pay me enough to live there.

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Too bad Holly is still in Oakland County. It doesn't seem to matter if you're righteous at the city/township/village level if the county prosecutor and sheriff decide they want to act.



Yes. Sheriff DoucheHard and L. Brooks "Raging Alcoholic" Patterson need to be booted to the curb in their next elections. I find it hard to believe that either one of them gets a majority of the vote!


Patterson laughs about all the job layoffs in Oakland County and does absolutely NOTHING to help people stay in their homes - or - offer REAL programs for people to buy abandoned or foreclosed homes. (Some of you know me. You know my wife and I are both disabled. Our credit is good and we qualified for the Oakland County program where they gave you a 0% interest loan to cover 51% of the repairs needed for one of these homes. BUT, we supposedly made too much money between the two of us! WTF!!!??? We both only get Social Security Disability and a very small disability pension with insurance premiums taken out of that check - and we didn't qualify because we are too rich! LMFAO!)


Patterson supports the global economy and if that means hundreds of thousands of blue-collar jobs leaving our state he supports that wholeheartedly.




HE's just a lying DOUCHE who says one thing and does another just to get elected.


Maybe they'll both be voted out of office!


"Douche and Alkie can kiss me rosy red azzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz"




Mizerman :growl::devil:

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Whoever wrote that article probably said he is from the wrong organization. Ramon Patrick is from MMMCN in Detroit (Michigan Medical Marijuana Consulting Network) and yes I think I recognize him in that photo on facebook.


I don't agree with regulation either, if we're talking about the law that makes it illegal to grow and you can only buy from pharmacies, that is moo poo! We'll be paying street prices at the pharmacies, can pretty much guarantee that.

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