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Busted For Bringing Pot Into Senate Office Building

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A cooperative Grayson County resident allowed law enforcement officers to search his property on Monday morning, and what they found were about 20 marijuana plants growing on an outside deck.


Tommy Caras, 54, was arrested on a charge of possession of marijuana between four ounces and five pounds. Grayson County Sheriff's Office Sgt. Rickey Wheeler said that charge could be changed and that more people could be charged as the investigation continues.


It was the watchful eye of an off-duty Whitesboro police officer that started the morning's action. He called the Sheriff around 8:30 a.m., telling the narcotics investigative team that he had seen what appeared to be several large marijuana plants.


Wheeler said the narcotics deputies and one Texas Department of Public Safety investigator went to the house at the corner of Liloa and Bluebird streets in Aloha Gardens, near Big Mineral Marina in the western part of Grayson County. Caras met them at the door and gave the investigators permission to search, Wheeler said.


Inside the manufactured house they found fresh marijuana, rolled and ready to be smoked, and a .22-caliber rifle which they determined had been reported as stolen.


They walked out onto the patio, which they found to be surrounded by a privacy fence approximately 15-feet high and made up of boards alternately painted white and green. Ivy grew around the fence's top, and numerous other plants, some fragrant, outside the deck and in flower beds throughout the yard. Wheeler said the combination appeared to have been built to camouflage the contraband marijuana plants growing in large tubs lined against the T-shaped deck walls.


Wheeler explained that the suspect had restructured the gutter system on the home's rooftop to catch rainwater which fell into the tubs. The plants varied in sizes, with the tallest being nine feet tall. One plant, grown in an oval-shaped washtub, was freshly cut, and several others had already been harvested.


Wheeler said the plants could yield marijuana calculated to be about $16,000 if sold in one-pound bundles on the street.


"Each marijuana plant could typically yield about two pounds of marijuana if taken care of properly. This particular type of marijuana could be sold on the street for about $400 per pound," Wheeler said. The DPS officer agreed, but added that they generally find a completed stalk could yield up to 2 1/2 pounds of marijuana.


The officers, after taking information about the find, then carted each large tub into the yard, and used axes and shovels to break the plants out and away from the dirt in which they grew. Wheeler said the marijuana plants will be sent to the DPS lab in Garland to be weighed and analyzed, then returned to be store as evidence until the case is completed in court. The finalized charge against Caras and any other suspects charged in connection to the case will depend on what DPS determines what the yield would have been. Possession of the stolen gun could result in additional charges, Wheeler added.



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