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How Long Can We Wait To Send In Paper Work

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alright so after we get our docters signature how long do we have to send it into the state?


Why wait? With the current situation regarding bad paperwork being used by LEO - some people will not help you until you get your MDCH MMMP card now.


You can send in the paperwork without specifying a CG, just mark that you will possess your plants for now.

This will at least get you your card so you can go shopping!


If you find a CG, all they have to do is submit a $10 fee to update your registry to reflect a CG, the MDCH will send you a new card with the updated info - for example - you will no longer be allowed to possess plants.



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Some of the doctor certifications (aka recommendations) I have seen are only good for 90 days or 6 months if not filed. The paperwork from the doctor should state any limitations on the recommendation.


Good point, and the MDCH requires you to get a new req every year - they can deny your application if the Doc's Rec is expired.



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